Two-Fer Review – Drive Me Crazy by Jenna Bayley-Burke

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The quickest way to love isn’t always a straight line.

This was supposed to be Xavier Moreau’s long-awaited vacation. A few precious weeks away from his over-scheduled career to see the America his mother loved and still make it to his best friend’s wedding in time. Instead, he’s ferrying the bridezilla’s sister to the nuptials. The luscious Jaime Cruz makes his mouth water, but her near-frenzy to get to Oregon now would scrape on his last nerve—if he didn’t sense that she needs the break as much as he does.

Fresh off a teaching assignment in D.C., Jaime’s white-knuckling it. She’s got only three weeks to get home, find a job and a place to live, and ensure her sister’s big day comes off without a hitch. Except Xavier tosses her three-days-or-bust itinerary out the window. Even more annoying, Jaime finds herself succumbing to his relentless determination to make sure she enjoys every minute of the trip. And falling under the spell of his sizzling touch.

Three weeks and three thousand miles later, Jaime’s feet are on home ground, but her heart is pulling her in a completely unexpected direction. Toward Xavier and a new journey that will require the ultimate leap of faith.

Product Warnings
Caution! Dangerous curves ahead. Do not enter if you might be spooked by haunted hotels, embarrassed by sex in the great outdoors, or fear you might yield to a devastating Frenchman willing to drive you to distraction.

I smiled from the beginning of this book to the end. What a wonderful read “Drive Me Crazy” was. Jamie and Xavier were fun, loving, and oh so sexy when she finally gave into him.

Jamie’s attitude throughout the book was hysterical. She was a take-charge, obsessed woman just wanting to go home and get ready for her sister’s wedding and starting a new life in Oregon.
Xavier, without Jamie knowing, just wanted to see America through his mother’s eyes. She had no idea he was working his mother’s bucket-list and taking a vacation before he had to take over the reins as CEO of Marie-Chloe.

From the haunted hotel to the haunted brothel and all the stops between Washington, DC and Oregon, I laughed and smiled. The banter between the two of them was wonderful. The words and character’s flew off the pages at you. She actually brought her character’s to life and made Jaime and Xavier real; You were J’aime and only hoped that you would meet your Xavier to bring you on this wonderful adventure across America.

I adored this book and cannot wait to read more from Jenna Bayley-Burke. She made this book fun, romantic, and erotic. This was a wonderful book that will have you wanting to go on a road-trip soon…..and not with the girls!

Kitty gives DRIVE ME CRAZY

I don’t know how to start this review without sounding all fan-girl crazy, but you seriously must read this book! It is that damn good. Who the hell doesn’t like a hero who speaks French even when he’s having a sexy dream and is talking in his sleep? Who can’t appreciate a heroine who can talk dirty in something like seven different languages? These are people I want to know and be friends with in real life. People you know are going to make you smile and laugh until your sides ache. People who will go hiking with you or wait until you get that perfect picture. People like Xavier Moreau and Jamie Cruz, the star crossed lovers in Jenna Bayley-Burke’s newest offering Drive Me Crazy.

This book takes place on the road from Washington, DC to Oregon. I adore road trips, so that just added an extra “love it” dimension to this book. The fact that they drove through and saw so many sites that I have visited made it even more real.

Xavier (even his name is sexy) is a CFO of a major design house in France. He’s in America to attend the wedding of his best friend (Jamie’s soon to be brother in law). Unknown to everyone, he’s decided to drive cross country on a very personal mission. I found Xavier’s quest so admirable that it made me fall in love with him even more. He’s a tough business man, dedicated brother, peacemaker, and outrageous flirt. Rich, smart, sexy, mischievous, and at times a marshmallow…yep, one very likeable hero.

Jamie is a contradiction, at times she seems so rigid and unyielding but then you catch these glimpses of a crazy, wild girl. She’s a dedicated teacher, a loving sister, loyal, and very, very organized. She’s sassy and smart, but she’s also broken. She feels disconnected from her family and because of this; she views life a little differently than most. At one point she confides in Xavier about her feelings as a child and I found myself wiping tears away. I know I’m reading a great book, when it makes me cry. I just felt so connected to these two.

So, cross a meandering playboy with a studious control freak driving cross country and you have a plot that is fresh, fun, and blatantly sexy! These two characters are very different but that’s what makes them work. They fill a need in each other. Jamie grounds Xavier and Xavier helps Jamie loosen up. Together they find the love one wished for and one thought he’d never want. Oh, and they have sex; a lot of hot, steamy sex with French and Spanish “pillow talk” and it’s oh so yummy!

While I have read everything Jenna has published and I’ve enjoyed them all, this book takes me back to the first book of hers I read, Compromising Positions. There was something about the two lead characters in that book that spoke to me and I feel the same way about Xavier and Jamie. I love these two people as much as I did David and Sophie from that book. Now if she’d just write me a new book with all four….I’d be in heaven. Hey, a girl can dream! I’m very happy to recommend this book to everyone, read it you won’t be sorry and while you’re at it check out Jenna’s other offerings. Drive Me Crazy gets 5 stars from me and I know this is one book I will read again and again!

Slick gives DRIVE ME CRAZY
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10 thoughts on “Two-Fer Review – Drive Me Crazy by Jenna Bayley-Burke

  1. Wow, I am so glad we were on the same page with this book, Slick! I definately agree with you – when I just want a quick, light read to make me smile, this will definately be on the top of the list! Loved, loved, loved this book!

  2. Loved the reviews! You know a book is special when two reviewers both give it the highest marks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I pre-ordered this as soon as I could. Great review ladies.

    I agree with Maria…if two reviewers from the same blog loved it…its got to be good.


  4. Kitty, I was so happy to read your review and know it wasn’t just my fan girl self gushing over this book. If you haven’t read Compromising Positions, I highly, highly recommend it. If you loved this book, you will love that one just as much. She’s a great writer, her voice speaks to me and I truly want to be friend with her characters.

  5. Thanks for the great reviews – looking forward to reading DRIVE ME CRAZY! I’ve never read anything by Jenna, but will definitrly be checking her other books out.

  6. Loved the reviews on this book! Sounds like a great read & will be adding it to my summer TBR list. Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much, honeys. You put together such nice reviews. And Slick, it warms my heart to know you’d love to see my characters again. I never decide on a sequel until I’ve seen how a book does with readers, so you’ve nudged me in the right direction.

  8. This sounds like an awesome story. Really like stories with humor. Adding this new to me author to my to buy list. Enjoyed the review.

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