Slick’s Review – Hidden Heat (Hauberk Protection, Book 4) by Leah Braemel

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Be careful what you don’t wish for. Fate might snatch it away.

When handling Hauberk’s managers, efficiency is Sandy Hallquist’s watchword. In her personal life? Excitement all the way, baby. That’s why she escaped Minnesota—and her marriage-minded mother—for a job with one of the hottest bodyguard companies on the eastern seaboard. What more could she ask for than to be surrounded by all that alpha-male testosterone?

Invisibility is Troy’s stock in trade, the only way he can manage Hauberk’s international offices while answering the call of his other career: assassin. Nothing about him is real, not even his name.

In one moment of weakness, he allowed Sandy a glimpse behind his carefully crafted mask. The more he’s around her, the sharper his yearning for stability. A home. Love. Pity those are the last things she’s looking for. And revealing that she’s the one true thing in his life could be the very words that drive her away.

At the first whisper of the “L” word, Sandy’s first instinct is to hit the brakes. By the time Sandy admits to herself that Troy is more than a passing fancy, though, his next mission could take the decision out of her hands.

Product Warnings
This book contains sexcapades in secret clubs, voyeurism, a touch of bondage and risqué office shenanigans.

Slick’s Thoughts:
I was really excited to get an ARC of Hidden Heat. I have loved the Hauberk Protection series since the first book and Hidden Heat is a fantastic addition to this series.

Let me first state that this series really needs to be read in order. With each book we are introduced to more and more people involved with Hauberk and it helps to know who is who when reading these books. Hidden Heat begins during Deliberate Deceptions. Our hero (although I know he’d object to that title), Troy McPherson, is the International Operations manage at Hauberk. He is currently working out of the Washington, DC office although he’s questioning this decision every time he comes into contact with Sandy Hallquist (Hauberk’s owner Sam Watson’s administrative assistant).

Troy is an extremely capable and very dangerous guy. He has a difficult job and it’s one that most people would find objectionable. Troy however seems to feel it’s his due and he does it extremely well. Troy’s background has shaped who and what he is and without divulging any of the plot, I will just say that his personal story and journey is well written and at times quite shocking.

Sandy is from the mid-west and escaped “home” because she craved more out of life than settling down and having babies. She is constantly questioned by her mother as to when she plans on moving home and doing just that. Trouble is Sandy has no desire to settle down and in fact she craves a lot more out of life especially when it comes to her sexuality. The funny thing is everyone she works with sees her as this innocent, wholesome woman which just ticks her off.

Early in the story Troy hauls Sandy out of what he sees as a potentially dangerous situation and then proceeds to send her mixed signals (so like a guy!). Sandy soon takes her roommate Jazz’s advice and makes her intentions quite known to Troy. They start a relationship much to the dismay of Sam who sees Sandy as too sweet and innocent to be with someone like Troy. Before long a situation develops with Jazz’s boyfriend that puts both her and Sandy in danger. I will warn you that there is a very intense and very graphic scene with Jazz and her boyfriend that some people might find hard to read. It is not pretty and unfortunately it is a situation that many women find themselves in and it is my hope that women will read this and realize what they can do to protect themselves.

This is a very complex and suspenseful story. With every book we see more and more layers to this series and Hidden Head has me intrigued as to what will come next. In my opinion that is some great writing because I’m already anticipating the next release!

Slick gives Hidden Heat (4.75)

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4 thoughts on “Slick’s Review – Hidden Heat (Hauberk Protection, Book 4) by Leah Braemel

  1. Need to move the series up on the list – thanks for the review!

  2. I just started reading Leah’s books this week. I downloaded Private Property on my iPhone Nook app. Loved it & then downloaded the next 2. Perfect timing for me because I just finished Perfect Proposal & wanted to continue with these characters. Thank you for making my day; I’m heading over to download Hidden Heat after I leave my comment. 🙂

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