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Love has never been so close—or seemed so far away.

I love you. Niall is in hiding, but not from the police. He’s trapped between the world he longs for and a place he can’t leave behind. Cursed to hold his tongue, unable to claim what he wants until it’s given, he’s allowed one year to capture his heart’s desire. But speaking those three simple words, the most important words in his life, might very well kill him.

I can’t love you. As a private investigator, Taylor walks daily through the ashes of love burned out. He’s witnessed the aftermath of love—destroyed marriages and wrecked lives that leave behind nothing but bitter memories of betrayal. He’s convinced that love will never plant a seed in his heart—until Niall sparks a completely unexpected reaction in both mind and body.

I want to love you. Roo has spent her entire life bouncing from relationship to relationship, offering her heart only to get it trampled on. When she finds herself out in the cold again, she discovers love can come from the most surprising of places. Her choices are simple. Do the right thing. Do the wrong thing. Do nothing. The wrong choice could be simply devastating…

Product Warnings
Beware faeries with killer tattoos and girls dressed as chickens—broken hearts can follow… Or lots of love. And lots of sex—three-way, two-way, every which way. But no chicken sex. Thank god

This is a fabulous book!!! Worlds Apart by Barbara Elsborg is a MMF story about the power of love, and it is also a paranormal/fantasy book with the focus on a parallel faery world with a portal in an English walled garden. The story starts out in modern day Leeds, England but things are not always as they appear. Ms. Elsborg weaves together the captivating main characters of Taylor, Niall, and Roo with heart and humor. While Taylor’s action at first are enigmatic, we eventually see what his problem is and he’s just as lovable as Niall and Roo.

I would say that the length of this book is novel-plus (at least in the MM world) and it is totally worth the read. The story is a bit complicated and it takes a while to figure out what’s what, but from the very first Roo and Niall are hard to resist. Roo is a quirky and somewhat neurotic woman who finds it hard to stay on task because her imagination runs away with her. Roo also often has diarrhea of the mouth. She is desperate for a job and shows up at Taylor’s estate for an interview dressed as a chicken and she had me laughing from then on! Niall is in love with Taylor and living at his estate as the gardener, but Taylor seems to not realize this fact. Roo is captivated by both men in an angel and devil kinda way.

I don’t want to give away too much, but if you enjoy MMF or like MFM and have never read any MMF, this is a way to get your feet wet so to speak. The sex scenes sizzle and had this reviewer panting a few times. Also, if you like paranormal/fantasy stuff than this book’s has all those elements especially toward the end. The secondary characters, Niall’s family (especially his brothers) and Jonas (Taylor’s business partner) are ones I want to read more about. I hope that this is the beginning of a series for Ms. Elsborg and I will be they first in line for the next installment!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation for this new to me author. Sounds like a good story. Adding to my wish list.

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