Review – Long-Distance Lovers by Karen Booth and Karen Stivali

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British musician Tim Wentworth trades his London flat for an apartment in NYC so he can record with a promising American band, but he arrives in Manhattan to learn the gig has been canceled. With no job and a two-month stay in the States, he wonders if the trip has been a waste of time, until he meets charming and talented jewelry designer Jenna Bradford.

Unlike the groupies who throw themselves at Tim after shows, Jenna couldn’t be less impressed by his music credentials. Bad experiences have led her to have a strict “no musicians” policy. But when Tim rescues Jenna from an obnoxious drunk, she bends her rules and they embark on a sensuous courtship filled with steamy, passionate nights and intense, unexpected emotions. While they try to find a way to prolong their time together, a family tragedy forces Tim to return to England. Jenna and Tim must each decide how far they’re willing to go to see if their whirlwind romance can lead to a lifetime of love.

Long-Distance Lovers is a quick, sizzling, sexy read. I absolutely loved this book.

Jenna and Tim are ideal together. Both of them bring a lot of passion and variety to the story. I love it when I get to read a book and completely adore both the hero and the heroine. This book nailed that for me. Jenna is sweet, caring and independent. Tim is sensitive, affectionate and completely devoted to those he cares for. When these two characters intertwine it’s nothing short of explosive.

The plot line is believable and nothing feels forced or made up. The dialog is perfect. The use of British language twisted through the story line meshes well and adds a lot of laughs.

This is a fast paced read that pulls you in and keeps you engaged until the very last page. I highly recommend this. You will get a remarkable tale packed with humor, romance and a scorching loveable couple.

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5 thoughts on “Review – Long-Distance Lovers by Karen Booth and Karen Stivali

  1. Great Review! “Long Distance Lovers” sounds like a romance I would enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing, adding this to my wishlist.

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