Love In Bloom – Melissa Schroeder

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Wanting her isn’t smart, seducing her is inevitable, but falling in love with her could be downright deadly for both of them.

Security expert Conner Dillon isn’t a man who often takes a vacation. So when he is ordered to take a month off and his sister insists on a trip to Hawaii, he isn’t very happy. But, after seeing his landlady Jillian Sawyer again, he might just find something—or someone—to occupy his time.

For years, Jillian has always had a crush on Conner. Now an erotic romance author with a thing for Doms, she finds herself beyond intrigued by the man. He is good to the core, but there is something else darker in him that calls to her.

After one night in bed, they both find themselves addicted. In Jillian, Conner has found the perfect sub…and in him she finds someone she can trust. Falling in love isn’t what they expected, but walking away is impossible—especially when they realize someone wants Jillian dead.

WARNING this book contains the following: An uptight security expert who prefers schedules, a romance writer who does not, tattoos, a trip to the Aloha Swap Meet, two hunky neighbors who irritate our hero, Hawaiian scenes, and of course this would not be a Harmless book without a trip to Rough ‘n Ready. Ice is recommended as any Harmless Addict will tell you, but the author takes no responsibility if a reader should become overheated. Read at your own risk.

Do you have tattoos or piercings?  
If so where?
One lucky commenter will win their choice of Melissa’s books (digital or print where available). Winner will be selected using on 5/9. To be eligible fill out the form at the bottom of this post and leave a comment. 

(c) 2012 Melissa Schroeder


“How about a tattoo?” she asked pulling him out of his thoughts.

He choked on the drink of coffee he just took. The warm liquid shot up his nose and he winced. She handed him a napkin.

“What?” he asked.

She smiled and nodded to a tent on the other side of him.

“It’s just henna. Don’t look scared.”

“I’m not scared. I’m just not into tattoos on me.”

She pulled her glasses down on her nose so she could look over the top of them. “What about on other people?”

He could tell from the sparkle in her eyes that she was fucking with him. He looked down her arms at a sleeve of tattoos that must have taken hours to get. “Depends on the person. I especially like yours.”


“Yeah. That and your belly button ring.”

Her lips curved as she pushed the glasses back up and turned to walk away. The woman moved like a freaking temptress. He knew it was innate to her like breathing. She didn’t do it on purpose. It didn’t mean he could ignore it. His hands itched to touch, to tease, to spank. That full ass swinging in her barely there shorts…he was sure the lack of blood in his brain wasn’t good for his health.

He caught up to her. “So, is your belly the only place you’re pierce?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

He slipped his hand around her upper arm and gently tugged her to the side of a tent at the end of one of the rows out of the pedestrian traffic. It was heating up, the air stifled by the arrangements of the vendors, and the humidity was rising by the minute. The scent of her filled his senses.

“Yeah, I kind of do want to know where else you’re pierced.”

She smiled up at him and he could tell she was going to brush him off. The Dom in him was already beating his way out. He had lain dormant for months but with Jillian around, those dominant tendencies were surfacing again.

She patted his cheek. “I only share that with intimate friends.”

Jillian turned to leave but he grabbed her arm again.

“Don’t mess with me, Jillian. I don’t like it, not that way.”

Her eyes narrowed as she looked down at his hand on her upper arm.

“If you’re not interested, just say leave me the fuck alone, Conner.”

He waited, holding his breath. He hadn’t meant to challenge her, hadn’t known this was so important right now. It was. More than he had ever expected, it was beyond that now. Why this woman, right now, he had no idea. But the need he had building in him was starting to take over any sane thought he had. He knew right now if he didn’t have her soon, there was a good chance he might just go a little insane. If she said to fuck off, he would be screwed.

When she didn’t say anything, Conner let loose the breath and nodded. “Good, then we understand each other. Just know that when I ask you that question again, I will expect an answer.”

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40 thoughts on “Love In Bloom – Melissa Schroeder

  1. No tattoos or piercings on me yet…but I plan on doing my belly button in the next year or so.

    Loved that excerpt…one of my favorites from the book!!

  2. I have 6 piercings (usual lobe(4) and Helix and belly button)and one tattoo (a black rose on my right wrist)so far am looking into more tattoos as funds allow 🙂 Love them!!

  3. I have one tattoo, but looking to get more. Current piercings… nose, ears (only earrings but at one point 20+yrs ago I had 7 in one ear and 5 in the other.

    OMG Braine, that is cool!!!!

  4. Beautiful peacock tat! i have a butterfly on my ankle, ears pierce with 3 holes in each and just got my belly button pierced a few months ago.

  5. I have three tattoos! My first was in memory of my mom (3 Celtic butterflies – all different- for each of my kids on my right back shoulder) my second one is my sister tattoo (Celtic of course) my “sister” has the same one in the same place (back of our neck – always having each others back!) and the third one I got just a couple of weeks ago is a butterfly with the pink ribbon as part of it’s body on my left breast(too many friends dealing with breast cancer)and as to piercings – three in my ears! I love tattoos but not sure if I could do ALL of Jillian’s piercings but mmmm I wonder what it feels like to have it down there….is the sex really better????

  6. No I don’t have any tats and the only piercing I have is the traditional one for a pair of earrings. I love Melissa’s books and would love to win one of her books.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    Ollie aka DarkBloodyVamp

  7. I have a tattoo on my ankle of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. I’ve loved him since I was really young. I do plan on getting more, but I’m having my husband draw them first. Only piercing is my ears.

  8. Uhh, sounds like yet another great book!
    No tattoos or piercings. I don’t plan on ever getting any piercings, but I keep debating tattoos with myself. I have to find something I’ll never regret having to live the rest of my life with + there are certain health issues I have a hard time ignoring. However, I am really intrigued by the idea – I’ve been thinking of a design with bells and lightning and the words Chimes of Freedom from Bob Dylan’s Chimes of Freedom, which is one of my favorites 🙂

  9. Only pierced ears for me, two each. Wasn’t brave enough to pierce anything else, lol, and no tattoos.

  10. I have a tattoo of a cross on my left shoulder that my son got for me before he left for Iraq. After he passed away I had In Loving Memory, his name and the dates around it. I have a protrait of him on my right shoulder, a celtic ankle bracelet on one ankle and rosary beads on the other ankle with a cross on top of my foot, and a broken heart on my lower back. Sometimes I get the urge to get another one, but I think I’m done for now. 🙂


  11. I don’t have any tattoos. Each of my ears has been pierced once. I’ve toyed with the idea of a tattoo or possibly another piercing but I have a phobia of needles. I would probably need to be drunk to go through with it.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  12. Great excerpt.Looking forward to reading this.
    I have no tattoos and the only thing pierced are my ears.

  13. LOL… no tats or piercings for me. I’d love to have one but 1) I’m a weeny for pain 2) I can’t think of anything meaningful and that’s the only reason I’d get one. My BF has several and they are beautiful and have a lot of meaning for him.

  14. Only pierced ears – courtesy of my sister, She numbed the earlobes and then used a sterilized sewing needle for the piercing.

    Great excerpt!

  15. I don’t know if you count covers (I have 2 tats gone over with bigger ones)-lol
    But if you count them I have 8 in total. I’m midway to finishing my entire upper back with a dragon (my dream tat) I have a dragon tat on each hip, a tribal daisy around my ankle, a tribal band with a Asian symbol for eternity on my wrist and another Asian symbol on my chest. The ones that are covered are a name (bad luck! Never put a man/woman’s name on your body) and another dragon (yes, I love dragons 🙂

    If I had the cash, my entire body would be filled to the rim with ink. It’s very addicting. I also have my nose pierced and 3 holes in one ear 5 in the other. So yea, I’m a busy bee 😀

  16. That peacock tat is beautiful! I have double pierced ears, that’s it. If I knew a great tatoo artist, I might consider it, but none yet. Thanks for the giveway!

  17. I do not have either, but I do not mind them.

    Hawaii? What a great backdrop! This story looks great thanks for sharing about it and for the giveaway opportunity.

  18. I have one tattoo of a small dragon on my left hip. Oh, and my ears are pierced. Love the peacock tattoo!,

  19. Cool peacock tattoo. No tattoos or piercings.


  20. I actually don’t have any tattoo’s though I really want one. What holds me back is that I keep changing my mind on the design and the fact that I’m chicken. I do have my ears pierced twice, don’t have any other body piercings but I’m hoping those count…lol….Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I have my ears pierced but I don’t think that’s quite what you meant! No tatoos. I love to look at them but I don’t want one.

  22. Oh yeah, I have piercings. 🙂
    I used to have 6 in my left ear and 5 in my right ear. The 2 in the left ear were in the cartlidge as was the 1 in the right. But I had to take all my earrings out when I had a brain aneurism and the piercings in the cartlidge had healed over by the time I got out of the hospital. And I had had those piercings done at least 4 years prior to the hospital visit.
    I also have both nipples pierced.
    I love great tattoos and would love a couple of my own. But I don’t have any as of now.
    I really enjoyed reading the excerpt.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  23. I have a tattoo on the back of my right hip. It is a black cat, sitting on his hind legs with yellow canary feathers coming out of his mouth. I love it, but as I get older I wish it was not quite as menacing looking. I often forget it is there and my youngest (4) will see it when I’m changing or getting out of the shower and she will say, “mommy I saw your kitty!” I guess I should have put more thought into that.

    Hubby absolutely BEGS me to get my nipples pierced, but I’m chicken. I have an friend from work with her clit hood pierced. The first week she had it she would have an orgasm just from walking down the hall. I was the only one from the office that knew she had it and it was hysterical. After time she was less sensitive and hardly has feeling down there. That made me say no way. I’ll stick with just my ears, thanks!

    Heather E

  24. I have pierced ears. Would like to have a tattoo but still in the “is that really something I want to do” thought process. Love Melissa’s books. Really enjoyed the excerpt.

  25. I love the peacock tattoo! Beautiful!! I have 4 tattoos right now and will be getting more. I have roses around my belly button that I got when I was 18, about 20 years ago. Then I go a bear and heart on my left boob. That is getting covered up soon with the birth flowers for my 5 sons and God daughter to begin my sleave. I also have the Rams helmet on my hip and my favorite tattoo is my garter and derringer that goes around my thigh. The only piercings I have are the 5 in my ears. My hubby says no for the other places.

  26. No Tatoo’s. don’t really like them. Only piercings is one hole in each ear. don’t see what people want more for, but each to their own.

  27. No tatts for me, but I plan on getting something done. Just not sure what yet. I had my navel pierced but removed it.

    Great post!

    alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

  28. I LOVE reading about characters with TATTS…N well as piercing it makes 4 a juicy hot sexy story…yayyyy! Im not into tatts or piercing 4((me))though…((giggle)):D

  29. No tattoos but pierced ears.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  30. What a great response!! Thank you all! I love the Harmless series, it is fun, sexy and diverse =)

    Congrats to elaine8 you have won your choice of Melissa’s books.

  31. I have a small heart tattooed on my right foot between my big and index toes. I also have both ears pierced once. They were pierced twice, but the second hole closed up the day after I took my earrings out to clean them {which was 8 weeks after I’d had them pierced!}.

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