KcLu’s Review – Honky Tonk Man (Honky Tonk Hearts #1) by Slyvie Kaye

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Jace Monroe has rules about rich women…Sunny Brooks hates rules…
Pool shooting, guitar playing, honky tonk singer Jace has a knack for hooking up with the wrong kind of women—rich ones who don’t take him or his music seriously. So when Jace meets a down-to-earth, honey-haired waitress at the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk, he thinks his luck has changed.
The last place Sunny wants to be is on her daddy’s thriving ranch, but her ailing mother needs her. When she fills in as a waitress at the Lonesome Steer to help out a friend, she meets a cowboy who makes her heart sing—but only because he thinks she’s someone else.
When Jace discovers the truth about her, the sweet music they make together might be silenced forever—unless Sunny can show her honky tonk man that some rules are meant to be broken.

KcLu’s Thoughts:
Honky Tonk Man is my first book by Sylvie Kaye, and I have to say I enjoyed it. He is a down on his luck country singer headed down Route 66 towards LA for a new job in a Honky Tonk there, and she is a broke ex real estate agent who has moved home at the tearful request of her mom.

Jace Monroe lives his life by his own set of rules. Never ride in or drive a woman’s vehicle, never accept money from a woman (or let her pay your way), and most importantly NEVER date a rich girl. He is road weary and tired of the big interstates, so he heads west on Route 66 just outside of Amarillo. When he sees the neon sign of the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk, he can’t help but do a U-ey and go on in. Hungry and ready for a beer he heads for a bar stool guitar in hand (they can steal his truck but not his guitar). Then he notices the sexy blonde waitress, and decides to sit at one of the tables to have his beer and burgers.  Sunny Brooks is no ordinary waitress. She has agreed to help a friend out by covering the waitressing for the night, when the new waitress doesn’t show up. They meet and sparks fly. By the end of his second night in town he has played his guitar in the bar with his new friend Rex, agreed to stay with Rex, made a date with Sunny for Saturday night, gotten ran off the road by Cammi (Sunny’s good friend and menace behind the wheel), and lastly broken the before mentioned date due to his now busted up truck. All goes good till Jace finds out that Sunny is not the daughter of Gus (owner of the Lonesome Steer), but that she is in fact the daughter of the wealthy rancher Edmond Brooks. He then has to decide if he can break his own life rule or let this new love go for good.

This was one of the typical love at first sight happily ever after book, but Ms. Kaye was able to pull it off without it being a sappy love story. Although the trip to HEA was quick it wasn’t without its stepping stones. Honky Tonk Man has well rounded characters, some good laughs, and some great smokin hot sex scenes. I recommend you guys checking this one out!!

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7 thoughts on “KcLu’s Review – Honky Tonk Man (Honky Tonk Hearts #1) by Slyvie Kaye

  1. I have alredy downloaded this book on my kindle… I found Sylvie through another chat site and I cannot wait to read this book

    Great review.. If I didn’t already have it, I would for sure be adding it to my tbr list..

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