Gennie’s Review – Houseboat on the Nile (Spy vs. Spook #1)by Tinnean

Mark Vincent is WBIS—Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security. Quinton Mann is staunchly CIA. Mark thinks the CIA is full of dilettantes who leave him and the rest of the WBIS to clean up their messes. Quinn thinks most WBIS agents are sociopathic loose cannons. So they don’t exactly get along.

Of course, just because they don’t like each other doesn’t mean they can’t play mind games on each other. Or sleep together. But when an explosion at Mark’s apartment sends Quinn to the morgue to ID a body, he has to reevaluate his position on denial.

Gennie’s Thoughts:
I want to be upfront and honest in this review about the book, Houseboat on the Nile by Tinnean. I have not read any of Tinnean’s other books, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. It was hard read for me because of the constantly changing, first person point of view (POV), and the flashbacks. However, I was captivated enough by all the characters and their story to keep reading and I’m glad I did.

This is a story about spies and competing government intelligence agencies set in 2002. The main characters, Mark Vincent and Quentin Mann, are both alphas who strive to be the best, and as Mark would say, he is the best, period. Mark is a man who had a rough upbringing. Quinn grew up in a privileged family whose business happened to be government intelligence. We get to meet Quinn’s mom and we also meet some of the people Mark has let get close to him over the years, which are few. The mishmash of worlds is interesting and had me wanting to know more, especially about Mark’s pet rent boys!

The plot of this book is a bit convoluted and it’s hard to summarize without giving too much away, so the snippet the publisher gives is just as good as anything I could say. I LOVE the secondary characters of in the book and this story has stuck with me a lot longer than some I read. If you like spy books or movies and like a multi-layered plot with intriguing characters, then this book is for you. As I said at the beginning, the story is told in first person and there is not a really clear way to tell when another character starts his POV, but if you can get past that, this is a great read and I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Spy vs. Spook series. (FYI, as far as I can tell, the title has absolutely NOTHING to do with the book.)


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5 thoughts on “Gennie’s Review – Houseboat on the Nile (Spy vs. Spook #1)by Tinnean

  1. Hi Gennie,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and to review it. I appreciate it very much.

    About the title: there’s a saying when people are in denial about something that they’re living on a houseboat on the Nile. (denial) And let’s face it, both Mark and Quinn were seriously in denial about their relationship. *g*

    I’m sorry about the confusion with the alternating POVs, and I’ll definitely take that into consideration with the next two books.

    Thank you again!


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