Alyn’s Review – Superlovin’ (A Midnight Justice Story) by Vivi Andrews

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She could resist this bad boy…if he wasn’t so darned good at it.

Darla Powers, a.k.a. DynaGirl, is the Jessica Rabbit of crime fighters, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy finding a date. When her latest ex opines she’s not helpless enough to make him feel manly, she flies off to take out her romantic frustrations on a villain dumb enough to pick tonight to break into a secret government vault.

Lucien Wroth’s father may be a famous supervillain, but Lucien doesn’t see himself as a bad guy. Just one determined to free his baby sister from a supercriminal’s clutches. He’s this close to getting his hands on a vital set of schematics when one sultry superheroine catches him elbow-deep in a top-secret safe.

Darla is horrified when Lucien’s pretty face—and bulging muscles—distract her enough to let him get away. No one escapes DynaGirl. But somewhere along the way to getting revenge for her public humiliation, she and Lucien become uneasy allies…resisting an all-too-easy attraction. Suddenly she suspects the perfect man for a good girl just might be a very bad boy.

Product Warnings
This book contains heroes, villains, mind-games, epic battles, bustiers, leather, and an infamous “Women of the Cape” Maxim photo spread.

Alyn’s Thoughts:
When it comes to super heroes, I tend to group them together as cartoon type characters with little sex appeal. That was, until I read this book. While the content is tame, the story is fun and flirty which made for an easy page turner. The story takes place in a world where everyone knows that superheroes and villains exist. Darla Powers, is the heroine of the story. Her alter ego is DynaGirl, the Jessica Rabbit of superheroes with parents that are the paragons of teh Super Hero world. She has been on magazine covers flaunting her bustier, and a body that makes most envious. Her problem, she is so strong, that most men are too intimidated to date her.

Lucien, is the ultimate bad boy. Also known as Demon Spawn, he is stronger and faster than any super villain out there. On a mission to save his sister from the Super prison labelled Area Nine, Lucien will stop at nothing until he finds her. When he breaks in to a secured facility to find the blue prints of Area Nine, the battle between the good girl, and the bad boy ensues, and Dyna Girl realizes, she may have met her match. Out to prove that not all is as it seems, Lucien fights his way into the heart of his enemy and shows her, that not all bad boys are actually “bad”. Teaming together for the greater good, and to save his sister, Demon Spawn and Dyna Girl fight to unmask a conspiracy. They work save the world from a weapon like no one has ever known, while realizing they may have found a worthy opponent (or lover) in the process.

This was a great read with a lot of crime fighting action and a sexy ending. The flirtations between the characters are fun and sassy, allowing for the story to flow nicely without making readers think of the stereotypical hero/heroine. Dyna Girl is strong and independent, and I enjoy reading how Lucien breaks down her walls to make her melt. If you like super heroes. or are just looking for something a little different than the typical romance, this one is for you.

Alyn gives SuperLovin’  (3.75)

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