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His music moves the world. Can his love move her heart?

Nick Blackthorne knows all about words of love. His career has been built on them: the world’s biggest rock star with music in his soul. But Nick foolishly turned his back on love many years ago, ensnared by the trappings of fame, and life became meaningless. Invited to attend the wedding of the two people who helped him find music again, Nick knows there’s only one woman he wants to take. His first love. The woman he walked out on a lifetime ago. He has no idea where she is, who she is with, or if she’ll even talk to him, but he knows one thing. He has to see her, if only to say sorry.

It took almost fifteen years for Lauren Robbins to get over Nick Blackthorne. Now she’s teaching kindergarten back in her small home town and doing her damndest not to think about the life she once had with the rock star every woman on the planet desires. Their passion was explosive, their romance the stuff of songs. And then out of the blue Nick turns up on her door and all those years of denying her ache for him are shattered with a single, smoldering kiss. A kiss that leads to so much more.

But molten passion and scorching kisses can’t hide the secret she’s kept since he left her. Because it’s not just her heart on the line if Nick comes back into her life. And it’s not just her life that will be rocked by the revelation.

Can the words of a love song heal a broken heart? Or will fame and secrets rewrite the lyrics until all that is left is shadow of a dream lost forever?

Product Warnings
Remember your first crush on a rock star? Now add smoldering sex, a raw and undeniable passion, soul-shattering orgasms. And secrets…

Piper’s Thoughts:
I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to Lexxie Couper, but sorry I have to say it again……LOVED this book.

We met rock star Nick Blackthorne in Tropical Sin and he is still dealing with things that have happen to him over the last two years. And dealing with the changes in himself as a person and an artist. Nick is at a crossroads and thinking about where his life is going and where he came from.

Nick has received an invite to the wedding of friends McKenzie and Aidan (Tropical Sin was their story). The Plus One on the invite makes Nick think about going after the one he left 15 years ago. His first love that he has never stopped loving.

Lauren Robbins is a kindergarden teacher in the small town she grew up in and loves it. Lauren is shocked when Nick shows up at her school. She has not seen Nick since he walked out the door of their apartment 15 years ago for the life of a rock star. Lauren has never gotten over Nick no matter how hard she tried. Lauren also has a secret and must deal with the ramifications not only with Nick but with someone else close to her.

This was a wonderful emtional story about love lost and found again and dealing with the consequences of past choices. Lexxie pulls you in with Nick and Lauren’s story and you do not want it to end. I fell even more in love with Nick with Love’s Rhythm. The stuggles that Lauren and Nick go through are so well written that you feel everything they do. I laughed with them and I cried with them and I rooted for Nick and Lauren with all my heart. Of course this story is HOT! The passion between Nick and Lauren jumps off the pages. Lexxie Couper has done it again.

Happy Reading!!

Piper gives Love’s Rhythm (4.5)

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8 thoughts on “Piper’s Review – Love’s Rhythm by Lexxie Couper

  1. I have not read this author before, but this story sounds pretty good. I love second chance romances and I bet I can guess what her secret is.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. I freakin’ can’t wait for this release. I’ve been wanting Nick’s story since he first came on the scene. Thanks Piper for a fantastic review and I agree Lexxie is awesome!!

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