Apr 29

Love In Bloom – Maeve Greyson – Eternity’s Mark


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  1. StacieD

    I love PNR because the author gets to make up their own rules. You can have uber-Alpha heroes that are gruff and dominant but it is perfectly acceptable. The same character would be deemed a jerk in a contemporary story. I love really Alpha heroes so PNR is perfect for me.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Na

    I like the world-building. There are so many possibilities and it’s really where your imagination takes you. When you add romance, it’s even more exciting.

  3. Susan W.

    What I love about PNR is that is so different from my everyday life. I get to step into a new world and get away for a while. Like a mini vacation. With a little something extra!

  4. Michelle H.

    I love everything about PNR! Hot alpha males, kick a$$ heroines, and worlds with no boundaries. The creativity & imagination required by the authors that write PNR never fails to amaze me! I didn’t start reading PNR until about 3 years ago, but I fell in love with the genre & can’t imagine life without my PNR books!


  5. Leni

    My favorite thing is the ability to make the imagination come alive. These stories always leave me with a need to stay in touch with my creative side.

  6. Kathleen O

    I like Paranormal because it is calls to something in me to beleive in what the eye can’t see, but the words on the page make it something magical to believe in… Does it really exsist or does it…

  7. Megan

    My favorite thing about paranormal romance is that you are able to lose your self in this in the world the author has created. Plus the characters are super hot and cool.

    Megan G.

  8. Joanne

    I love that in paranormal romance anything can happen and usually does, it’s all up to the mind of the author and how far she or he wants to push it: new worlds, powers, characters, etc.


  9. erin

    Thanks for the great post and giveaway!

    I’d have to say that I love PNR b/c of how creative and unique the authors can be. Opening a PNR is literally a whole new world, with new rules, magic, and characters.

  10. Barbara E.

    I love all of the unusual characters, the action and being taken away to a different world than the one I know.

  11. Phoenix Carvelli

    I love the fact that anything can become real in the paranormal genre. It gives my brain a bit of holiday because it is creative! I love it!
    PhoenixCarvelli at gmail dot com

  12. MaryC

    In PNR, anything is possible – whether the stories take place in our world or an imagined one.

  13. Jen B.

    In paranormal romance anything goes and the men always love their women with paranormal intensity! jepebATverizonDOTnet

  14. Linda

    I love PNR because of the mystical elements, shifters, vampires just to name a couple; nothing is impossible. The stories are only bound by the imagination of the author. It’s such a wonderful contrast to the mundane-ness of the real world.

  15. bn100

    I like the alpha heroes and the different creatures.


  16. Maria D.

    I love PNR because of the world building, the struggle between good and evil(usually), the strong hero and heroines and the different types of characters.

  17. Lauren M.

    I love PNR because it always seems more intense than a normal human relationship.

  18. Timitra

    Because it’s larger than life and anything is posiible!

  19. Mel B

    I love paranormal because anything can happen. There can be any and all types of characters, worlds, conflicts. Enything!! The only limit is what is in your imagination. Just fun!

  20. Denise Z

    I really enjoy paranormal romance because it has a taste of something other. Romance is great in general, but add the paranormal and there tends to be more action and adventure to go with :)


  21. DiDi

    Thank you all for commenting =)

    Congrats to Michelle H you have won a copy of Eternity’s Mark.

  22. Michelle H.

    Thank you so much!

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