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A glimpse at the heroes of the Shadow Soldier series…

There are seven shadow soldiers in their Spec Ops reserve unit, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet all of them at once. Maybe get a quick snapshot into their dangerous, very busy lives. Theo Sauvage, the soldier showcased in Dark Abandon, is my contact with the group. Theo is a lawyer and a Special Ops military reservist.
 It’s a stormy day in July when Melena Salera, the heroine of Dark Abandon, plows our speedboat into Theo’s dock. Melena’s a tough little pixie with lots of skills. But driving a boat isn’t one of them. The men scramble to stop the Bayliner. They swing the bow alongside the pier before we end up beached on shore.
It seems everyone expected Melena to pass by, knew Theo would drive me back down the lake to the boat landing when my interview with her was over. Theo boards the boat and gives her a smacking kiss. Never one to pass up an opportunity, while he changes places with her in the driver’s seat I make a leap for the dock.
Theo:  Hey! Hold up a minute, Kallie.
Kallie:  That’s all right, Theo.  I just need to use the washroom. [By the alarmed look on his face, I know something is up.  No way I’m staying on the dock while the rest of the Shadow Soldiers are hustling for the cabin.  Their retreat smells like a cover up.] I’ll be back in a minute.
As the gang heads up the twisting path, I run to keep up. Sully, Theo’s brother, is barking up my heels. Like the others, he’s a huge guy. Three of my footsteps probably equal one of his. The fact I’m older and smaller doesn’t help me stay ahead of him, but I do my best to beat him to the door.
Sully: Wait up. Don’t make me chase you, Kallie.
Whoops. I hear him picking up the pace behind me, but I can’t stop now. No way. Snooping is my life, and I’m about to discover some delicious secrets in Theo’s cabin. Sully grabs for me.  I duck out of reach in the nick of time, race up the stairs, and I’m inside before anyone else can stop me. And trip over something that looks like a machine gun.
I fall flat on my face. Reece ‘Rocket’ Morgan and Micah Rivera scoop me up like a Barbie doll and plant me back on my feet. I’m surrounded by weaponry in all shapes and sizes.
Hunter Logan:  Well, that’s just great, guys. In trots Ms. Running-off-at-the-mouth when we haven’t even packed the gear in our go bags. Jeez, Kallie, can’t you keep your nose out of our business for once?
Kallie: Um, no. I can’t. This place looks like an arsenal for heaven’s sake. Assault rifles, grenades, handguns, knives, scopes, ammo, and the list goes on. Can’t you pack for the weekend with just a couple changes of clothes like normal people? Do you really need all this stuff?
Jake (Hawke) Hawkins: Didn’t used to, Kallie. Of course, that was before you got it in your head to write about us. Blab, blab, blab. Now we have to be armed to the teeth everywhere we go. And, sure as hell, there’s always some woman who needs our help to survive. We never know what we’re going to need anymore.
Kallie: Come on guys, you can’t seriously use all this artillery every time a woman is in danger.
Oh, oh, seven pairs of eyes drill me. Seven really big men scowl in my direction. Looks like maybe they do need all this stuff when they’re hot on the trail of some murdering psychopath.
Lawrence (Law) Logan: Guess Kallie didn’t get the memo.
Kallie: Memo? What memo?
Reece ‘Rocket’ Morgan: The one that says we’re going to drag you between the covers of one of your own books and make you a part of the action if you don’t lay off on the drama and intrigue. Did you ever stop to think we need a vacation, babe? These go bags are getting real heavy.
Kallie: Okay, guys. How about we focus on your romantic relationships and forget about action in the upcoming novels? Will that make you happy?
Micah Rivera: While I can’t speak for the others, that sounds mighty fine to me.
Theo and Melena poke their heads in the doorway.
Theo: You are such a liar, Kallie. You have no intention of cutting us any slack. And we all know it.
Of course he’s right, but I’m not about to announce it—not with all those weapons on the floor. The men fold their arms across their chests and give me the stare down. Theo narrows his eyes, his gaze moving from my head to my feet, as if he’s measuring me for a coffin.
Theo: What do you say, guys. Should we bury her on the back forty and be done with her?
Melena: Quit teasing, Theo. You’re going to scare her.
The problem is…I’m not so sure he’s joking.
Happy reading everyone! Kallie

Are you intrigued? 
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Secrets from the past reveal a truth better left buried…

A message from beyond the grave exposes Melena Salera’s life as a sham: her birth family abandoned her, and her parents are not who they claim. Now, a grandmother she never knew has left her a fortune. Melena’s only hope of uncovering the truth is her grandmother’s handsome lawyer, but Theo Sauvage doesn’t trust her.

Theo believes Melena’s grandmother was murdered and he intends to bring the killer to justice. If that means getting close to her heiress—the obvious suspect—he will. But he never expected to be so attracted to Melena.

When a near miss reveals that someone wants Melena dead, Theo and Melena must work together to find the real killer. In the crosshairs of a madman, they form an unbreakable bond—but can they uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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Dark Abandon Excerpt

“Whether you like it or not, I intend to protect you. And I don’t care if you agree with my tactics or not.”

Melena’s body tightened when his lips crashed down on hers, her response involuntary. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on, her Nikes dangling a foot off the ground. His taste roared through her while his woodsy scent enveloped her, sent her spiraling out of control. The fit was right, her body’s response so wanton, so much more than the last time his mouth closed over hers when she was flat on her back in bed this morning.

She wanted him beyond reason. Her senses reeled at his taste, his texture. The press of his body against hers made her want him more. She needed his skin against hers, his heat driving into her. He plunged deeper into her mouth and raked his teeth over her tongue while she burned out of control.

“Hey! I thought ‘hot lips’ held first prize in the lip sucking department.” At the sound of that voice, their heads shot up to see Cody gaping at them through the screen door. “Jeez, Uncle Theo, you should rent a room.”

“Get lost, kid.”

“Well that was embarrassing.” Melena managed to squeak.

Theo laughed, touching his forehead to hers as she fought to even her breathing. Thank God they hadn’t stripped each other naked before the teen appeared on the scene. They’d both lost control at the touch of their lips. She sighed with regret, guessing he wouldn’t lose focus again, not as long as someone was after her. He bent and brushed a final kiss across her mouth. Then he opened the door and nudged her inside ahead of him.

That’s when they came face to face with another pair of eyes—eyes that glared at Theo as if they wanted him dead.

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  1. Hi! This author is new to me, but the cover is stunning, the yellow eyes of the wolf are really creepy and I loved it! The blurb really make me want to read it! Thanks for sharing!



  2. Yes, I am definitely intrigued. This book sounds amazing. Great excerpt. Can’t wait to read it.

    Joanne B

  3. I watched the trailer and find that I get as interested in the book by those as reading excerpts.

  4. This sounds like a great series. I love that the heroes have a nosy author chasing them! This book has been added to my wish list!

  5. This sounds like a great series! I love romantic suspense books and it sounds as if there’s tons of that in this series. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. This sounds great. I love to find good new series and this one is going straight to my wishlist!
    GFC – irgl7

  7. Sounds thrilling to me…. Theo shouldn’t judge a book(melena) before he reads it…. hahaha jk

  8. Loved Dark Abandon – can’t wait to read more about the Shadow Soldiers!

  9. Kallie is a new to me author and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Shadow Soldiers. Sounds like my kind of book! I love the cover! Those eyes are so captivating!

  10. This book sounds great. One more book added to the To Buy list! I love finding new to me authors!

  11. I just wanted to thank everyone for your positive vibes about DARK ABANDON. I really appreciate your comments and hope you enjoy reading the book! And thanks to Guilty Pleasures for having me!

  12. Please don’t enter me as I can’t read e-books. But I thought it was a Great excerpt. It’ll go on my TRL.
    Carol L
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  13. Thank you Kallie for the great interview!

    Thanks all for stopping by!

    Congratulations to proserpinecravedfor, you won a copy of Dark Abandon!

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