Love In Bloom – Jennifer LaBelle’s Interview with Jenna and Brady

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Please join me in welcoming author Jennifer LaBelle to Guilty Pleasures, she is interviewing Jenna Baker and Brady Connolly from her first Secret Cravings Publishing release MEANT TO BE.
Jennifer: Good morning to you both, it’s nice to see you visiting us again.

Brady: Mornin’
Jenna: Good morning, Jennifer. It’s great to be back. We’re back in Canada to help my parents finalize everything before the move. Their moving to Dublin to be closer to us, and we couldn’t be happier, especially Jayden. We missed them.

Jennifer: I bet, that’s wonderful news. Speaking of Jayden, how is he coping with all of the changes? He must miss his father.

Jenna: We all do. Oh, god… *fans face* I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional.
Brady: T’is okay, love. He’s the father of yer first child an there’ll always be a connection.
Jenna: Can you see why I love this man so much? That’s part of the reason we’re here as well. We need closure. Jayden will definitely spend some time with his father before we head back, and he loves Ireland. In fact, he already has Brady’s parents wrapped around his little finger. Although, Maddy certainly gives him some competition in that department, she’s only a few months old and she already knows how to charm people.
Brady: O’ course. She’s just like her ol’ man.

Jennifer: She’s Definitely a chip off the old block. *grins* I never got to properly congratulate the two of you. Maddy is so precious.

Jenna: Thank you, she is isn’t she.

Jennifer: Definitely, so tell me, Jenna, how does it feel to have your story finally told? Yours is a unique one.

Jenna: That it is. I think you did a great job with it, and Brady was the best part. Although, I blush every time I get to the intimate parts. Sam gets a kick out of it, and makes sure to tease me. God love her.
Brady: *Leans down to capture a kiss from Jenna.* We’ve got a lot te thank her for. If it wasn’t fer Sam’s meddilin’ ways we might’ve never met.
Jennifer: How are Sam and Caleb?

Jenna: They’re doing great. They’re expecting their first child this spring. A little girl so Maddy will soon have a playmate to enjoy. Hopefully they’ll be the best of friends like Sam and I are, and Brady and Caleb.

Jennifer: I’ll have to congratulate her the next time I see her then. Poor Jayden’s going to be outnumbered. Have you both thought about having any more children in the future to try for another boy?

Brady: Oh yeah.
Jenna: Maybe one day, but I just had Maddy and having another one isn’t on my list of priorities at the moment. *chuckles* I want to enjoy Brady, Jayden, and Maddy a little while more first, and maybe when my mind forgets how painful childbirth was, then maybe we can talk. Oh lord…

Jennifer: Uh oh, here why don’t you take a little tissue. *Hands Jenna the Kleenex box.*
Jenna: I’m afraid I’m going to have cut this short and go change. I’m so embarrassed. My breasts usually don’t leak unless Maddy gets fussy. 
Brady: *Chuckles* well, love, I think I hear her now.
*Baby cries in the background, there’s a knock at the door.* Jenna’s mother, Delilah, enters: Sorry Jenna but this little girl is hungry. Maddy wails as Jenna reaches for her.

Jennifer: I understand. I’d like to thank you both for joining me today. It was a pleasure to write the book and I loved catching up. Take care of yourselves and if I’m ever vacationing in Dublin I’ll be sure to stop in to say hi.

Jenna: Oh please do.
Brady: *extends his hand to shake* Thank ye.

If you all liked this interview, and would like a one of a kind erotic contemporary romance to keep you company this spring then may I suggest checking out, Meant To Be. I’d like to thank Jenna and Brady for their time, and for sharing their experience with all of us.

Please enjoy the blurb below, an excerpt, and a few review snippets. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your email address if you’ve got the chance. I’ll be giving away one pdf copy of ‘Meant To Be’ to one lucky commenter.  Winner will be selected using on 4/4.

Jenna Baker is shaken up after her recovery with a near death experience. As if, being haunted with visions and losing her husband in a car accident weren’t hard enough. Could she be losing her mind? She finally moves on, only to have the husband she thought was dead suddenly reappear.

 After the shocking task of convincing Jenna that she’s not seeing his ghost, Tyler becomes overwhelmed with guilt for saving himself and leaving her to almost die. Jenna’s recovery takes its toll while Tyler’s vulnerability gets the best of him. He’s harbouring secrets that will devastate her and as Jenna unravels the truth her life takes an unexpected journey.

“Um, if I forget to say this later, thanks, Sam.”
They finally arrived.
     “You’re thanking me in the airport.” Sam said with a laugh. “That’s very sweet, Jenna, but just wait until we get out there.” She gestured to the beautiful scenery of Dublin visible through the doors, “I’m really hoping that you can have a good time. Start out fresh in new surroundings, have an adventure, live a little, let loose, and have fun. Now that’s the vacation I’m hoping to have.”
     Putting an arm around her, she stopped. “Speaking of beautiful scenery, what have we here?” Sam played innocent as she turned Jenna to see what she was talking about.
Two men stood only a few feet away from them, just staring. There was an instant attraction when her eyes met with one that scared the hell out of her, and she panicked.  “Sam, I don’t think I’m ready for this,” she whispered, wide-eyed. Now that she was there she was getting cold feet.
     “Relax, Jenna. It’s okay if you’re not ready today, but honestly, hun, how long has it been?” Sam asked.
Jenna was clueless. “How long has what been?”
“My guess, in fact I know, it’s been over a year now.”
She looked Jenna straight in the eye and nodded because it was true.
“But I’m just not sure that I’m ready to take the leap, Sam.” Sighing in defeat, Jenna felt bad for Sam. She was obviously interested in hooking her up. The problem was sex and men were two subjects she wanted, but she just wasn’t sure of anymore, hoping to get there someday.
“They’re really great guys, Jenna you’ll see. They’re also our ride to the hotel. Just let me introduce you, and see how it goes.” Sam flagged Brady and another guy over.
Jenna recognized him right away as he neared. Sam had shown her several pictures from her last trip, and it was hard to forget someone you had fantasies about. He was gorgeous.
Given no other choice Jenna sighed and tried not to fidget nervously.
“Hi,” Sam laughed giving both men a hug. “I missed you guys. It’s so great to be back again.” Sam lingered, putting her arm around the lighter haired one, and then turned to face Jenna again.
“Jenna this here is my cousin Brady Connelly, and his delicious friend Caleb O’Donnell. Caleb, Brady, this is my lovely best friend, Jenna.”
“Hi,” Jenna waved, and turned red with being put on the spot. Two gorgeous men were looking at her, and she’d been out of the game so long that she wasn’t sure what to do next. Caleb waved and engaged in a conversation with Sam, while Brady stared.
She was hypnotized.     
He extended his hand, “Lovely, Jenna, it’s a pleasure to meet ye.”
Jenna gulped nervously, and tried to smile. “Brady.”

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  1. Great character interview. Thanks for the excerpt. Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Joanne B

  2. Great review. I love the excerpt and can’t wait to read this book. This one sounds amazing, can’t wait to have it. Thanks for sharing and giveaway!!

  3. Thanks for the “interview”! The premise is very interesting! Definitely going to have to check it out 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Fun character interview! Thanks for the excerpt, adding this book to my reading list

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  5. Thanks again ladies. Every writer loves to hear about a readers interest, and I appreciate the kind words. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Best of luck!

  6. Hmm, not convinced yet this would be something I would be interested in. I did like the excerpt but the blurb leaves me up in the air. Has anyone already read it? Any thoughts? I try to be open-minded.

    I wish the author all the best!

  7. Meant to Be is in our review que, we will hopefully have a reivew posted soon.

    Jennifer I love the interview, thank you so much for participating in our Love in Bloom event.

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  12. LOL, Jen B. I’ve been there myself.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies. Meant to Be is a very emotional contemporary erotic romance and I hope you all enjoy it.

  13. Great excerpt and interview! The book sounds very good.


  14. Jenna is a character I can really like. She’s so expressive and not afraid to let her feelings show.

  15. Thank you all for stopping by! Thank you Jennifer for the great interview!

    Congratulations to Lauren (lmackesy) you are the winner of Jennifer’s contest!

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