Kitty’s Review – Strong Desire(The Strong Cowboys of Wilde Nevada #2) by Chloe Lang

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Charly Wynn has taken the detour to Wilde, Nevada, and the six hot cowboys she’s found there have turned her life upside down. With little money and her car in the shop, she agrees to Heath Strong’s offer to transport her to Malibu.

Heath Strong is thrilled to spend time alone with the gorgeous city girl. During the trip, an unquenchable hunger for her ignites inside him. He is determined to possess her for himself, Nate, and Tobias, despite the intentions of his other brothers—Drake, Dax, and Seth.

Though Charly’s plan has always been to land a job that will provide what she needs to help her mother, Heath’s dominance is reaching her heart and shaking her resolve. While Charly discovers the pleasures provided by him and his brothers, a murderer plots his revenge. Will she choose the path that leads to love or the one that leads…to death?

Kittys Thoughts:
Heath’s turn!

You kind of saw the manipulating coming in STRONG ATTRACTIONS but Heath just played dirty in Strong Desire! After Drake gets a call that there are problems at the ranch, Charly decides to join the bridal party at the casino. When she finds out that her car won’t be fixed for her to go to Malibu for her job interview, of course the gallant (and sneaky) Heath offers to take her. What she doesn’t know is that Heath set it up to get her away from Drake and Drake set it up that her car wouldn’t be fixed – this lucky woman is being played by 2 of the Strong brothers. What transpires on the trip to the beach with curl your toes and have you wanting more. Especially when he tells her “How about trying ‘Sir’ on for size?” Hmmm, wonder where this is going? There were hints of a BDSM club in Strong Attractions and now, with Nate and Tobias “cumming” into the picture and teaching her about “safe words” you know the rest of the series is going to get hotter than the menage that she had with either set of brothers.

I am still a little confused over her father and the part he will play in the book and Ms. Lang has now brought in a half-brother that Charly doesn’t know that she has. It seems her father is out for some kind of revenge and there is no hint, as of yet, of why. This could bring a very interesting twist to the series as well.

There are hints that Charly is going to end up with all 6 brothers. Heath starts his pursuit of Charly just so Drake, Dax and Seth don’t get her (brotherly love?) but it quickly turns into more for Heath. Charly now has 2 of the Strong brothers declaring their love for her. I think I kind of agree with Charly on this point – a little to fast? They have only known her for a week. I would have liked to see a little more build-up to the “love” and the HEA that is being hinted at.

All in all, this book was a quick read. You wanted to turn the page just to see what Heath had up his sleeve in his pursuit of Charly and what Drake’s reaction was going to be. I am looking forward to Book 3 of the Strong Brothers – “Feeling Strong”. My imagination is running “Wilde” with the possibilities of what will happen with Charly and 6 STONG cowboys. I think she will be giving a new meaning to “Save a Horse – Ride a Cowboy” and ride, and ride, and ride!

Kitty gives Strong Desire
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  1. Thanks kitty forthe review- I already had Book 1, so ofcourse Ihad to get book 2. Her other series was pretty good.

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