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Trevan Bean has a job that’s going from illegal to frightening, a boyfriend who may not be in his right mind, and a guardian angel who might actually be evil incarnate. Add to that the reappearance of his boyfriend’s estranged family, death threats, kidnapping, and the struggle of saving money to realize a dream, and Trevan has a lot on his plate. But Trevan is up to the challenge: he promised Landry a happily ever after, and Landry’s going to have it if it kills him!

It just might.

Landry Carter was a broken doll when they met two years ago but has grown into a partner who can stand at Trevan’s side… most of the time. Now that Trevan’s life just got scary—and Landry just got himself kidnapped—Trevan has to hope Landry’s love stays strong through this newest challenge, because the happily ever after won’t happen if Trevan has to go it alone.(

KcLu’s Thoughts:
This is a beautifully written story of two people overcoming not only external forces but their own inner struggles to get to their HEA. It was my first by Mary Calmes, and I have to say I enjoyed it enormously. This book was kind of an emotional roller coaster for me, and honestly had to just let it sink in for a day before sitting down to write this review. I love books like this where the characters are not perfect, and you see not only a sexy love story but a story of personal growth.

Trevan Bean is working in a career that is less than legal, but it is the stepping stone to get him to the long range goal of owning his own restaurant. He has been dating and living with Landry Carter for the last two years. To say being with Landry is a walk in the park is far from the truth. Landry has to have structure or he kinda wigs out. Being with Trev grounds him in a way that he never has been before, but because of his past a part of him doesn’t trust it to last. Landry’s family background is very rough. He came out to his parents at the age of 18, and the proceeded to throw him out and cut him off. He worked his way through college, but ended up in Detroit basically whoring his self out to feel a connection to anyone, until he meets Trev, who basically is his dominant. Trev’s story is totally different he comes from a really big family that all accept him for who he is and who he loves. Being with Trev, and being a part of his family has shown Landry what love truly is.

After 8 years of being totally cut off from his family, Landry’s younger brother, Chris, comes to tell him that his mom has just survived a battle with Leukemia, and would like to see him. Due to some seriously dangerous craziness with Trev’s job they need to get out of town, so they fly out to Las Vegas. Let’s just say that this family is never going to be in the running for family of the year. While in Vegas, Landry is kidnaped. Not only does Trev worry about getting Landry back alive, but he worries that Landry will draw in on his self and give up on him and their life together. The big question is can Landry get over his fears, and trust in Trev and the love they have for each other??????

I really liked this book and these characters, even though there were times I wanted to truly shake Landry and members of his family. This book has everything emotional trials, extremely smoking hot m/m action, and a little touch of suspenseful drama. I highly recommend y’all reading this one.

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9 thoughts on “KcLu’s Review – Mine by Mary Calmes

  1. Sounds like a book with a lot of emotional impact. Haven’t read any of Mary Calmes, but need to add her to my to read list.


  2. I’m sorry…I didn’t read the review. I was too busy staring at the book cover! LOL

    Ok..review makes me want to buy the book…sounds wemotional too, which is just what I love! Thanks!!!

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