Amanda’s Review – Floods and Drought (The Wranglers #3) by Zahra Owens

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Tim Conroy knows all about patience. He’s waited three years for Rory McCown to get out of jail after doing time for stealing horses from the Blue River Ranch. Now that Rory is eligible for parole, Tim makes it his goal to persuade his boss, Hunter Krause, to give Rory a second chance.

He almost regrets it when Hunter agrees. Rory is a morose loner one moment, then arrogant and overconfident the next. The attraction between them is still there, but as soon as they start to get close, an old enemy throws a wrench in the works… and their fledgling relationship may not be strong enough to weather the coming storm

Amanda’s Thoughts:
If you haven’t read a story by Zahra Owens then you missing out on a really good storyteller in the M/M romance genre because she has written another compelling story with a budding relationship between two men living day to day on a ranch in Idaho. Floods and Drought is the 3rd book in the Wranglers series and continues the story of life on the Blue River ranch and is picks up 3 years after the end of book 2. Tim works on the ranch and is the wrangler in charge of the breeding side of the ranch business. Rory is getting out on parole and Tim has arranged it for him a job on the ranch, the same ranch where he got into trouble that sent him to prison 3 years earlier. Tim hasn’t forgotten the attraction he felt for Rory all those years ago when they had that on kiss, and hopes maybe they can get that back again. Rory has been in and out of trouble and is very wary of Tim’s good intentions but will do what he can to stay out of trouble for the next year. What he didn’t expect was to feel something again for Tim. Life on the ranch isn’t that easy for the two ranch hands dealing with family interference and trouble from the past, causing them to wonder if they really do have what it takes or is there too much to overcome.

You can definitely see a growing relationship between Rory and Tim. They have smoking hot sex with each other and give what each other needs. Rory has a lot of trust and commitment issues to work through and you catch a glimpse of his past and you can understand why. I just love it when he finally comes to realize what Tim means to him and he can be honest with himself about his feelings. However, he is carrying a deep secret which he hopes he can overcome for the chance of a future with Tim. Tim is a half full glass kind of guy and sees the good in people and situations. He has a time of it dealing with people not accepting Rory and tries to reassure him of his love and devotion to his man and the relationship. I love how it is developed throughout the story making it so much sweeter at the end for Rory and Tim.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story because it was so intricately told with other characters and storylines from the other two books, Rain and Clouds and Earth and Sky. I love seeing Gable and Flynn again, and Miranda makes another appearance to wreak havoc for Hunter and Grant, which effects Tim and Rory. This story deals with real life and real issues and how one deals with them on a day to day basis, and then the work involved with a horse ranch. This story is a definite recommend to anyone who loves reading about angst and longing, suspense and danger, and of course love and romance.

Amanda gives Floods and Drought (4.5)

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5 thoughts on “Amanda’s Review – Floods and Drought (The Wranglers #3) by Zahra Owens

  1. Amanda, thanks for the review. Some writers can have a problem with m/m stories, but Zahra sounds like she has done a great job with them. It wasgood foryou toadd in the other stories that follow in this series.You sold me, I bought 4 ofher books.

  2. Introducing me to another new series. Wherever will I get the time? (and money!) I guess I’ll have to scrounge it up somewhere, it sounds too good to pass up. 🙂

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