Alyn’s Review – Submissive Training (DOMS and Acquaintances 2) by Jennifer Denys

Desperate for Dominant Ben to show an interest in her, Kat is persuaded by a friend to attend a beginners submissive and BDSM training conference in the hope of finding out how to attract him. She is shocked to find he is one of the trainers. Meanwhile, Ben doesn’t think she is submissive enough for him and conceives of increasingly intimate tasks to prove he is right, despite admiring her courage in staying.

As the conference progresses, Kat is fascinated by what she learns and completes each task, hoping all the while to convince him of her submissiveness—although some tasks she finds more difficult than others.

Confused by his growing feelings for her, Ben keeps pushing her away until her tenacity finally wears him down and he insists on her taking a final exam to prove herself. Is this a step too far for Kat?

Alyn’s Thoughts
Being new to BDSM can be overwhelming to say the least. There are rules, protocols, devices, and an entire culture that is completely unknown to those that are not aware of the desires that many have to be in command or be commanded. That is what Kat has now realized after learning that her sister married a Dom and is proudly flashing her new collar at her wedding. She wondered about the lifestyle and could not imagine what it was that drew her sister in. It is because of her new Dom/brother-in-law that Kat was introduced to Ben. Friends of the groom, Ben is also into the lifesyle and from what she could tell, was much more serious about it. She wondered if she could ever be a submissive to someone like him but after meeting Ben and barely getting a second glance, she figured he wasn’t interested.

Ben was a true sexual dominant and a Master at his craft. To say he was irritated at his friend for flaunting the lifestyle without truly living it was an understatement. If one good thing had come out of going to the wedding it was meeting Kat. Talk about instant attraction! Unfortunately, he knew she was not a submissive and quickly dismissed himself after meeting her so as not to show interest. He simply could not tolerate a relationship that was not 24/7 in the lifestyle and had to have complete submission or nothing. After his previous trial sub had not worked out, Ben attends a BDSM workshop as a trainer for new and potential submissives. Not sure what to expect, he is surprised to walk into the hotel lounge and find none other than Kat, reading the brochure for the first class. Curious about her interest, but positive she is not a submissive, Ben does his best to discourage Kat from staying. What he was unaware of, was that Kat was there because of him. She is determined to prove to Ben that she can be the submissive he needs even if it means stripping naked in public, and going against everything she knows to learn everything she needs to make Ben say the words she is dying to hear “you’re mine”!

I kept imagining myself in Kat’s place as I read this story. What an adrenaline rush being blindfolded for the first time in a room full of potential subs and Doms looking for new trainees. If only I knew where to find clinics like the one in this story, I would be all over it! The author gives a great take on what it is like to be vulnerable when you are newly introduced to the lifestyle and how overwhelming it can be for some. The jealously and possessive instincts Ben feels for Kat are fun to imagine as he tries to be harsh and she constantly shows her determination. Even when he tries to say no to her, he simply melts when she embraces her place. While it is a quick read, you will not be disappointed! Spankings, threesomes, subspace, oh my! I can’t wait to read more as this series continues!

Alyn gives Submissive Training
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6 thoughts on “Alyn’s Review – Submissive Training (DOMS and Acquaintances 2) by Jennifer Denys

  1. I LOVED this book too! I’m glad to see that more people reviewed and liked this book to get it out their for more people to read!

    – Bonnie

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