Madison’s Review – Strong, Silent Type (Rough Riders 6.5) by Lorelei James

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Tough. Taciturn. And a fool for letting her go…

Wyoming rancher Quinn McKay thought he’d only have to bide time until his levelheaded wife came to her senses and called a halt to this “trial separation”. He never believed the marital rough patch would drag on for a coon’s age.

Libby McKay knew when she married the gruff, laid-back cowboy that he wasn’t prone to blathering about his feelings. But three months have passed and her stubborn-as-a-mule husband is still living by himself in the horse trailer. It seems he’d rather hold onto his pride than hold onto her.

Quinn realizes Libby is determined to move on if he doesn’t loosen his tongue and he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved. In a last-ditch effort to keep her in his life, he offers her one weekend of uninterrupted sexual decadence.

Reigniting the passion is easy. The hard part comes after the sheets have cooled and they find out if what remains is strong enough to survive past mistakes.

Warning: Old-fashioned groveling leads to smokin’ hot sexual encounters—steamin’ up the truck windows, rockin’ the horse trailer—proving even an old married dog can learn naughty new tricks.

Madison’s Thoughts:
Quinn and Libby McKay, high school sweethearts and married for years have hit a rough spot. They’ve become staid in their lives, not willing to make changes as they’ve gotten older, and seriously taking each other for granted.

Libby decides to be pro-active. She begins to make herself happy. She loses weight and starts dressing differently. Thinking that it will force the two of them to realize what they are doing to each other, she kicks him out.

After months of him sleeping in the horse trailer, he decides he wants his wife back. On the day she signs their divorce paperwork. He’s sick of seeing her to seemingly live her life happily without him. When he approaches her, he for the first time has his heart on his sleeve. He tells her that while he wasn’t bored, things had become staid and if she wants him to change, he wants her to change as well.

What follows is an amazing story about a married couple who desperately love each other and find their spark. They have completely let their lives and their comfort levels get in the way of their intimacy and their ability to communicate. Like so many couples, they’ve let everyday things and the want to have a baby become more important than the relationship itself.

After years of not talking about anything and having nothing but vanilla sex. The two of them spend the weekend getting to know each other again. (In the horse trailer, in the truck, in public, in a massage parlor, in the dining room, and on the dining room table!) Quinn enjoys ‘knocking the halo off his perfect rancher wife’. Libby enjoys seeing the wild, sexier side of her usually strong, silent type husband.

There were times I cried, there were times I laughed, there were plenty of hot times. Libby wanting so badly to have a child figures deeply into this story, but the fact that Quinn doesn’t understand just how badly and why she wants one figures just as deeply. You get to see the overbearing McKay family in a different light in this one. It’s not bad, it’s just different. It shows how your family can be hurtful without meaning to be. How you can let words affect your marriage, when really you should just talk to your spouse.

This is the story that you need to read if you’ve been married or with your significant other for years and you feel as if you’ve stalled. These two never stopped loving each other, but they forgot how to talk or express that love in other ways. For one weekend, they decide to throw all of that out and put their feelings on the table. It’s an eye opening experience to say the least.

When the weekend is over, she goes to a conference and he stays on the ranch. Those divorce papers that she signed rear their ugly head and it leaves him wondering if she really does love him or not. Is this just another one of the things that they’ve mixed signals on? Read and find out, you won’t be disappointed.

This book also features one of my VERY favorite epilogues!

Madison gives Strong, Silent Type

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9 thoughts on “Madison’s Review – Strong, Silent Type (Rough Riders 6.5) by Lorelei James

  1. Lorelei is a great writer, her whole series is just fantastic. Each of her characters have a different disposition and attitude. The men love and treat their women well, that’s what makes for a great story.

  2. Madison, I have to agree that this is one of my favorites in this series because it focuses on a married couple that just needs to get back on track. Such a great story and like you said we see a different side to the McKay family. Thanks for reviewing!

  3. I really enjoyed this story with Quinn and Libby. It was passionate and heartwarming to watch them get things back on track. This is a good one!

    Heather E

  4. I am reading this series right now. So far I have loved every one of them.

    E. Thompson

  5. Love LJ!! All of the stories are wonderful. I do like how this one focuses on an already married couple trying to keep it going. Definitely more true to life for me.

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