Madison’s Review – Raising Kane (Rough Riders #9) by Lorelei James

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When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head-over-high-heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father—until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry. Past experience has inoculated her against take-charge men, but even Ginger isn’t immune to Kane’s invasive charm and Built Ford Tough body.

For two years rancher Kane McKay has followed the Little Buddies mentoring program’s cardinal rule—hands off his Little Buddy Hayden’s mama. But one look at Ginger’s bruised body and Kane is through watching the stubborn woman take care of everyone but herself. The feisty, curvy redhead needs his help, and he’ll give her the hands-on type whether she likes it or not.

After Kane throws out doctor’s orders and issues his own demands—her full sexual submission—Ginger realizes Kane’s caring nature extends beyond just fulfilling her physical needs.

Can the former hell-raiser convince the gun-shy single mom to look beyond his past…toward a shared future?

Warning: Contains one sweet and hot hunk of cowboy manflesh who uses every sexual trick in the book to render a sassy, fast-talking attorney speechless and put a new twist on the term “binding arbitration”.

Madison’s Thoughts:
Wow! Where do I even begin with our boy Kane McKay? For those of you that have read the McKay books in order, like good little readers, you’ll remember him from Tied Up, Tied Down. He was the quintessential d*ckhead twin who caused the initial friction between Skylar and Kade. He was also Colt’s drinkin’ and whorin’ buddy.

And my how he’s changed….

In an effort to show that he is a changed man, Kane joins the Little Buddies program and begins to mentor Hayden Paulson. A little boy that is allergic to everything – with a mother who is scared of letting him go.

Ginger Paulson is a fiery red head that is of the ‘don’t take no crap off anybody’ school of thinking. A lawyer, she works hard. However, her family is very important to her. Hayden is the apple of her eye and her father, Dash is her rock.

Ginger though, isn’t without her faults. She’s been a single mother since the beginning and when she injures herself, it’s hard to ask for help. Not only does she and Hayden need help, but Dash is wheelchair bound thanks to arthritis that has weakened his body. His mind is still sharp as a tack, but physically he needs more help that even he is willing to ask for. Kane steps in, telling her that she will take his help and that there really isn’t a way around it. While she is recovering he will stay with her and help the family that he has come to respect and love probably as much as his own.

The hours spent together washing her hair (sexin’ it up in the shower), playing poker, and generally being around each other, show Kane that he has turned over a new leaf. He is ready to be what he needs to be for this woman and her family. Ginger, is hesitant. She’s never really had a relationship, she’s not sure how this all should work out. Concern for her father and her son outweigh what she wants for herself. They in turn decide to sneak around and their lunch dates are hot! Hotter than hot really!

Kane is much like his brother when it comes to sexual wants and desires. When he shares that with Ginger, he realizes he might have come on too strong. He believes he’s run her off and he’s shown her a side of himself he can never take back. Misunderstandings pull them apart as he fights not only with her, but with his family to show that he is a changed man. That what he did in his younger years doesn’t matter anymore. He’s no longer selfish, he’s no longer out for just a good time. He wants what everyone else has. A wife, a son, a life that settles him down and makes him want to be a better man.

I also found Ginger to be hilarious! It’s refreshing to read about a woman who makes fun of herself and doesn’t have the petite body frame that everyone seems to have. She has doubts and she comes across as a real person.

Included is a fight scene between cousins, lots of sexin’, a scene with a dog that will make you cry, and cute little Eliza Bell!

Lorelei James outdid herself on this one!

Kane is definitely worth your time! If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and go get it now!

Madison gives Raising Kane

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10 thoughts on “Madison’s Review – Raising Kane (Rough Riders #9) by Lorelei James

  1. OHHHHHH a great book, and a great review!! Anyone who hasn’t read this series definitely should!!!

  2. I love these McKay Men… I am just up to book three, I need to get book four now.. I can’t wait to get to Kane’s story… I love Bad Boys who have gone a wee bit good…

  3. As all of you know I’m a huge RR fan and I love all the books but one I loved about this one more than all the others was how much Kane changed and no one but Ginger seemed to realize it. I love that she saw the real him. I also love how both Kane and Kade who grew up with a strong female role model in their mother both ended up with very strong wives.

  4. seriously, every time I see a review for a Lorelei James book, I just want to read more… Her books have been on my TBR pile for awhile now, I really need to bump them up the list… great review 🙂 Book Savvy Babe

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