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L: Hi Tiffany! First off, let me say that I’m stoked to be chatting with you, and thanks so much for stopping by Guilty Pleasures and answering some questions. You have a TON of fans on here.

T: Thank you so much for inviting me, Lee! I’m excited to be chatting with you! 

L: No Turning Back is your debut novel. Was there a reason you decided to go the suspense/romance route with your first story?

T: I’ve always loved romance novels and started reading them when I was probably too young to be reading that sort of thing! Over the years, I realized that the romances I particularly enjoyed also had a bit of a “thriller” aspect to them – a mystery to solve or a bad guy to catch. I felt that was the kind of story I could write best. I’m in awe of the writers of genres such as Paranormal Romance (which I know is very hot right now) – their imagination and worlds they create are amazing to me as I don’t think I’d ever be able to be that creative!

L: I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy a good love triangle. The fact that yours stars two brothers makes it even yummier! But I have to admit, I’m Team Kade all the way. Is there going to be more with him and Kathleen in future books? For some reason I really want Kade to have a HEA so if there is any dirt you can dish, that would be fantastic!!

T: Kade does feature prominently in the sequel to NO TURNING BACK, which I hope to have out by Spring. It’s very interesting to me how some readers are Team Blane and others are Team Kade – I can’t predict which side is more prevalent. I love them both and still have not decided how their stories will turn out. 

Reader input will be a large influence on that – I want the readers to be as happy with how the series ends as how it began.  

L: What made you decide to turn Kathleen’s story into a series, as opposed to just ending it with one book?

T: I turned Kathleen’s story into a series because I wanted more time with the characters. The best part of any book, for me, is getting to know and become invested in the characters and their relationships with one another. I didn’t feel one book was enough to take the characters I’d created from where they began to where I want them to be. 

L: Your second story in this series is coming out in the Spring, and considering you have so many die hard fans in here is there any way you could give us the scoop on Turn to Me?

T: Absolutely! In TURN TO ME, Kathleen is going to learn a lot more about both Blane and Kade – who they are, their pasts and their relationship to one another. Blane will be working on a case that hits very close to home with repercussions for himself, Kade and Kathleen. Danger lurks around every corner when someone who wants to influence the outcome of that case decides to target Kathleen. 

L: As a reader I can tell you that I suffered some serious anxiety while reading No Turning Back  So I can only imagine how it must have been for you to write it. Was it difficult to write such a suspenseful story?

T: I love to surprise the reader – the last thing I wanted NO TURNING BACK to be was predictable. Writing the action scenes was so much fun – Kathleen’s no action hero, but she manages to make-do…with a little help from Blane and Kade. I also find that I tend to gravitate to a particular song for inspiration. While writing NO TURNING BACK, it was Toxic by Britney Spears (which I managed to work into the story). I’ve found my “theme” song for TURN TO ME to be Superman Tonight by Bon Jovi (if that gives you any hints). 

L: Now, you work full time and are married with TWO children. Where on earth do you find the time and energy to write and is there any way to bottle some of that energy up and send it my way?

T: Lol! I wish it came in a bottle! It’s hard to find time to write and I don’t have the luxury very often of sitting at my computer, staring at the empty page and creating. I usually use my commute time and any other “down” time I have to write in my head, so when I finally get the time in front of the computer, it’s planned out already. Sometimes it may be several days before I get time to write, which is why it’s taken a few months longer to finish TURN TO ME than I had hoped. But, unfortunately, I have to eat and buy electricity for the children, so I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon! 

L: How many books are you planning on writing in this series?

T: I am planning on writing a series of four or five books (definitely four – maybe five) starring Kathleen, Blane and Kade. 

L: Will you be writing other stories in between or is the Kathleen Turner series your main focus?

T: I really do better creatively if I focus on one thing at time and let the characters live in my head. I find it can be hard to reconnect with them if I go play with others rather than finishing their story. (Plus, Kathleen is quite insistent on wanting to know how this all turns out.) 

L: In No Turning Back you briefly touched on the fact that Blane was a former Navy Seal (sigh) will his background in the Seals be detailed further in your future books?

T: I have the highest respect for our military and it was an homage to them that Blane is one of their member. In TURN TO ME, we learn more about Blane’s service and its impact on his present. The story of Chris Kyle and his autobiography “American Sniper- the Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” was also an inspiration for the plot of TURN TO ME. 

L: Obviously, you wrote both Kade and Blane to be SMOKIN HOT! Were there any particular celebrity crushes you might have used as inspiration with these two men?

T: It helps me to have a visual of Blane and Kade as I write, so I did find some actors that fit the bill and became those characters in my mind. For Blane, I chose Mark Valley (recently of the TV show “Human Target”). Granted, Mark’s eyes are blue rather than green, but he was perfectly suited otherwise. Kade was inspired by Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. 

L: Thank you so much for chatting and I (along with all of our followers) will be anxiously awaiting the release of Turn to Me in the Spring. We all wish you the best of luck and hope to chat with you again!

T: Thank you again for having me! It’s been fun!  

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NO TURNING BACK (Kathleen Turner bk 1)

After the death of her parents, Kathleen Turner leaves small town life for Indianapolis to pursue her dreams the best she can. Young and alone in the world, she works as a lowly Runner at the prestigious law firm of Gage, Kirk and Trent and bartends at night to make ends meet. Her ignominious introduction to Blane Kirk, partner in the firm and local playboy, has her diving under desks to avoid him. Unfortunately, when her friend is murdered and attempts are made on her own life she doesn’t know where to turn – except to Blane.

Kathleen’s journey begins in the halls of justice where she finds not everyone is as they seem and what you don’t know can get you killed. Though a far cry from her Midwestern upbringing, she poses as a prostitute in the intriguing circles of high-priced escort services in a reckless bid to uncover the murderer. Little does she know that the murder of her friend was only a small part in a high-tech plan to rig an online election. She must race against the clock in a desperate ploy to sabotage the scheme in a dangerous game of political espionage.

In No Turning Back, Kathleen struggles to bring a killer to justice, even if it may be the man with whom she’s falling in love.

TURN TO ME (Kathleen Turner bk 2)
Release Date 4/24/12
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14 thoughts on “Lee’s Interview with Tiffany Snow

  1. I wonder why Tiffany named her female lead Kathleen Turner. If it was an homage to the actress?

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview!!!! I haven’t read No Turning Back as yet but I already know my favourite will be Kade cause he’s inspred by Damon Salvatore…love him!!!

  3. Very good interview! I have just begun to read the suspense/romance genre. I am really enjoying them. I had the same question as Anne…

  4. I enjoyed reading the interview. I have the book, but haven’t gotten to it on my TBR pile. I can see what a wonderful thing I have to look forward to.

    Thanks for the interview and book blurb.

  5. Thanks for the great interview – have Tiffany’s book on my to buy list.

  6. Lee, great interview with Tiffany. I love stories that highlight our men in service, especially SEALS. I am a dedicated provider of care packages to our soldiers thru the Any Soldier.com site. I received some touching gifts like a flag carried by aircraft providing protection for Marines on the ground during a mission, which I cherish. I even received a challenge coin fromone outfit. The notes back that they are not forgotten, tears me up. I really look forward to the release of this book Tiffany. Bless you for writing about them, because then the rsaders, don’t forget them either.

  7. Thanks so much for hosting me, DiDi! And to Lee for the great questions!

    Regarding Kathleen’s name – no, it’s not a nod to the actress directly. I’ve always been fond of the name Kathleen and Turner just seemed to fit. Of course, in NO TURNING BACK we find out that the Turner family tradition is to be named for celebrities, starting with Kathleen’s grandmother – Tina Turner – and her dad – Ted Turner. 🙂

    I hope those who put NO TURNING BACK on their reading list enjoy it and that you’ll also check out book two in the series, TURN TO ME, when it comes out on April 24th.

    Thanks again!

  8. Thank you all for stopping by! Tiffany and Lee, THANK YOU both for a great interview!!!

    Congratulations to khelseyrjacksomn you are the winner of Tiffany’s contest

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