Guilty Pleasures Best of 2012 Nominees – So Far

We have already seen some amazing releases in 2012.  Here are some of our TOP picks that we have reviewed so far. All of these books will be in the running for the Guilty Pleasures Best of 2012 Awards.

These are our picks, based on the books we have read so far.  We know there are some we have not reviewed yet, so let us know what we are missing out on and we will try to review it =)

Guilty Pleasures followers will be who vote on the best of 2012 at the end of the year. 
What are your picks? 

Note: Books released the last two weeks of December 2011, will be considered for the 2012, best of.
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6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Best of 2012 Nominees – So Far

  1. In Service of the King, Laura Kaye, An Alpha’s Path and A Taste for a Mate, Carrie Ann Ryan, Tactical Deception, J.L. Saint,Oracle’s Moon, Thea Harrison,Darkness Awakened, Stephanie Rowe,Darkest Seduction, Gena Showalter, If You Know Her, Shiloh Walker,Alpha’s Instincts, Katie Reus,Whispers in the Dark, Maya Banks,Eternal Captive, Laura Wright,Beneath the Surface, Joya Fields,The Dragon Stirs, Lynda Aicher, The COwboy and the Rose,Tess Quinn

  2. Tamara and Irene. thanks for the suggestions I will see what I can do about getting some of these reviewed.

    All of these books are one’s we have had the opportunity to read this year.

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