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We are honored and delighted to have Jaci Burton at Guilty Pleasures today, talking about the SEXY AS SIN covers for her Play by Play series.  Please give Jaci a big Guilty Pleasures welcome!

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Can Cover Art Sell A Book?

I know what you’re all thinking….I’ve sold my soul to the devil.

I want you to know it’s not true. I have no hidden bargain with Beelzebub. I’m just lucky. It’s kind of like winning the lottery—four times—but it’s not money, it’s hot men, which is a lot better than money, right?

I’m talking about the covers for my Play-by-Play series. Mick from The Perfect Play, Gavin from Changing the Game, Ty from Taking A Shot and Cole from my upcoming book, Playing to Win.

I’m not sure what I did in a previous life to luck out and get covers like this, but I figure it’s not good to question it when the cover gods grace you with this kind of bounty. I just fall on my knees and praise the Berkley Art Department’s genius every time one of these gems shows up in my email inbox.

I tend to get a lot of questions about these covers, so I’ll answer a few here.

1. How much input do I get into the design of these covers?
I do cover conference with my editor on every book. But realistically? I’m a writer, not an artist. I let them know what my hero looks like, and what the book is about. I leave the cover art in the hands of the people who know what they’re doing—the art department. (Obviously, they DO know what they’re doing.)

2. Do I get to be present during the photo shoots for these covers?
Ha. I wish. I might actually consider selling my soul to the devil for that opportunity.

3. Do I know who the cover models are for each of the books?
Jed Hill is on the cover of The Perfect Play and Playing to Win I don’t know the name of the model for Changing the Game. He chose to remain anonymous. Jason Vendryes is the cover model for Taking A Shot. We’ve actually done an interview with him, and he signed a few postcards for us. Great guy!

I know when I’m shopping for books, a cover will always make me pause and take a second look. And I hope that’s what these covers have done, and will continue to do. But as delicious as the covers are, if there isn’t an enticing story inside, you won’t come back for more. And while I love these covers so much, it’s my job as the author to write a great story. I love the characters in this series, which is why I’ve been so thrilled with the accompanying cover art. This series means so much to me, so to have incredible covers to go with what I think are compelling romances means the world to me. And I hope you love the romance as much as you love the covers.

So here’s my question for all of you—What comes first for you, the cover or the story? When you’re shopping for a book, do you stop and take a second look because of an awesome cover, or because the story intrigues you? And here’s another question— Will a bad cover make you reject buying a book, even if the story sounds appealing?

Thanks to Guilty Pleasures Blog for letting me guest here today!

One lucky commenter on today’s post will win a print copy of TAKING A SHOT.  Winner will be selected, 3/22/12, using To be eligible to win, you must leave a comment and be a Guilty Pleasures follower.

TAKING A SHOT (Play by Play bk 3) 

If you want to score, you have to get in the game…

The last thing Jenna Riley needs is more sports in her life. While her brothers are off being athletic superstars, she’s stuck running the family’s sports bar, whether she likes it or not. Then in walks pro hockey stud Tyler Anderson. As much as Jenna would like to go to the boards with him, she’s vowed to never fall for a jock—even one as hot as Ty.

Ty, intrigued by the beautiful bar owner, becomes a regular. He senses that Jenna wants to do something more with her life. And as he gains her trust, the passion between them grows, as does Ty’s insistence that Jenna should start living for herself. With his encouragement, Jenna starts to believe it, too…

But first, Jenna has to figure out what she wants, what she needs, who she loves, and if she has the passion and pride to take a shot at having it all—including Ty…


She just couldn’t get a freakin’ break. Ty’s gaze met hers as he pulled off his jacket and headed to a pool table. Every ounce of estrogen in her body surged with joy as his lean, muscled frame settled over one of the tables, pool cue in hand.

Her damn estrogen could just calm the hell down. He might have kissed her, and she might have tingled for hours over it, but that was as far as it was ever going to go. He was sports and that meant no.

He leaned a hip against the pool table and accepted the beer Renee gave him, his body ripped and hard all over as he relaxed and laughed with his friends.

Just the sound of his voice made her nipples harden.

Did you hear that, body? No. No, no, no.

Deciding to ignore him, she went into the kitchen and told Malcolm to start the steak orders, then busied herself with her customers. She would not be interested in Tyler, even if her libido was.

But watching him play pool was more than she could take. She wasn’t nearly busy enough. It was late, the crowds had thinned, and it was mostly him and his player buddies, and if she had to wipe down another glass until it sparkled to avoid looking at his ass she was going to hurl said glass against the nearest wall.

Escape wasn’t an option since she was still in charge of the bar, and the pool table was off to the left—in her line of sight whenever she had to grab a beer.

She tried not to ogle, but Ty had a great butt. He was good at pool, too. Of course. Jocks were good at everything, which was why their egos often went unchecked, something she found utterly intolerable about sports figures.

Which was why she never intended to date, have sex with, or otherwise get involved with one. She made a concerted effort not to watch him, instead glancing at the clock and the minutes ticking down to closing time. She decided to do hard liquor inventory to keep her mind engaged on something other than Ty.

“Can I get a beer, Jenna?”

She hadn’t realized time had passed until Ty pulled up a stool at the bar. She glanced over at the pool table. His friends were nowhere to be found. In fact, the bar was nearly deserted and it was closing time.

Renee waved to her on her way out the door with Malcolm right on her heels.

She was alone in the bar again. With Ty. How had she let that happen?

“Bar’s closed.”

He skirted around the bar and helped himself. She crossed her arms and glared at him.

“You don’t own this place, you know.”

He popped off the top and took a long swallow, then let out a grateful sigh. “Pool makes me thirsty, thanks. And no, I don’t own this place, but your parents do and they like me.”

“Finish your beer so I can get out of here.”

He went around and took his seat on the stool again. “What is it about me that you don’t like?”

She wiped down the top of the bar, ignoring his question.

“My looks?”

God no. He was panty-dropping good looking. Not that she would ever admit that to him.

“My personality.”

Utterly annoying. And charming.

“My manners.”

Perfect. He always held the door for women and the elderly. He was respectful, not too loud, and never drank too much. For every beer or whiskey he drank, he followed it up with a large glass of ice water. Some athletes wanted all the attention drawn on themselves. Ty liked to blend into the background, preferring to mix with her clientele, not be a showcase because he was a star on the Ice.

“So tell me, Jenna. What is it about me that bugs you?”

She tossed the rag into the bin and palmed the edge of the bar. “I don’t date sports players.”

He quirked a brow. “Yeah? Why’s that?”

She held her arms out to her sides. “Look at all this, Ty. I’m surrounded by it all day, nearly every day. And then there’s Mick and Gavin and all their friends who passed through the house. I’ve had sports ad nauseum all my life.”

He tilted the bottle up to his lips and drank, then handed the empty to her. She tossed it.

“I see. You’ve had your fill of guys like me.”

“Now you’re beginning to see the light.”

“So I’m damned because of my profession. Out of the running before I’ve even had a chance.”

She nodded. “Yup. You’re wasting your time on me. Might as well go find another girl to charm.”

He came behind the bar. “What if I don’t want another girl? What if I want you?”

Uh-oh. Her body was pinging like a Geiger counter and Ty was radioactive. The closer he got, the hotter she became. She took a step back. “I don’t want you.”

He stopped, his lips curving in a knowing smile. “You keep saying that, but I don’t think I believe you.”

“Arrogant men are not appealing.”

“I’m not being arrogant. I’m just good at reading signals.”

“You are so full of shit.” She bent down, grabbed her bag, and held it in front of her like a life preserver. “What signals?”

“You’re breathing fast. Your cheeks are flushed. Your pupils are dilated.”

“I’m exhausted and out of breath from running around trying to close down this place. And it’s hot in here.”

He laughed. “It’s not hot in here. And you’ve been standing still.”

He had her there. “Go away, Ty. I need to close up.” She fumbled in her bag for her keys.

“Go out with me.”

She jerked her head up. “What? No. Hell no.”

“It wouldn’t be so bad. I promise.”

“I’d rather have a root canal.”

He didn’t seem insulted. What would it take to get him angry, to hurt his feelings? To get him the hell out of this bar?

“I promise you that going out with me is way more fun than dental surgery.”

“I’m . . . seeing someone.”

One perfectly formed brow rose. “You’re seeing someone.”



“You don’t know him.”

“How do you know I don’t know him if you don’t tell me who he is?”

“He’s not involved in sports.”

“I know a lot of people not in sports, Jenna.”

She was digging this hole deeper and deeper. “He’s not from around here. And I have to go.”

“Got a date?”

“Yes.” She pushed on him until he finally budged and headed for the door. She punched in the code and hurried outside, tossing on her jacket to ward off the frigid temps.

Of course he just had to walk her to her car. Damn him for being a gentleman. He’d be a lot easier to not think about if he were a prick.

“A little late for a date, isn’t it?” he asked when she got to her car.

“None of your business, Ty.”

“So, it’s a booty call.”

She gasped. “It is not a booty call. It’s a date.”

“He taking you out to dinner at 3 a.m.?”

She clamped her lips tightly together.

“The movies, maybe?”

“You’re an asshole.” She pivoted and got into her car.

“Good night, Jenna.”

He stepped back when she peeled out of the lot, and just like the last time, he stood there watching until she drove away.

Damn him for making her think about him, for making her want him.

She’d show him. She’d get herself a guy.

Maybe if she found someone else to go out with—and ultimately have sex with—Ty wouldn’t be front and center on her mind.

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80 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Jaci Burton – CAN COVER ART SELL A BOOK

  1. While I love covers they don’t make it or break it for me. But I have to say Changing The Game was the first book I ever read for the cover alone. I remains my favorite cover ever!

  2. Jaci, such a great question. I’ll admit I’ve bought more than one book based on the cover art. However, if one of my favorite authors has a crappy cover it wouldn’t stop me from buying their book. What I do find funny/amazing is that I can pretty much now tell which photographer/artist has done the cover on books. As someone who has dabbled with photography most of my life, I appreciate the artist quality of the covers and I’m not just talking about the hot guys or beautiful women!

  3. When I was younger, all I read was Harlequins and they had to have a cowboy, or a horse on the cover, then I’d read the back cover. If I was interested, I’d read the book, so yea, the cover does have alot to do with weather I buy the book or not. Now, as I know alot of the authors, if I’ve liked your books in the past, I’ll check out what your offering now, if the story interests me, I’ll buy. I’m not as much of a cover person anymore. Got to be good hawt story line. Congrats on your next release.

  4. It really depends if I’m shopping for a specific book or just browsing. The cover definitely helps make the decision, but the story has to be better than the cover. I look at specific authors also. Ones I’ve heard before.

  5. I cannot deny that cover art catches my attention, but I have been known to plop down in the middle of the romance section at the book store in order to read through the books that seem interesting before I buy. I have read some amazing books with awful covers but a good cover gets me to want to take a glance inside for a better look at the story. What annoys me though is if the cover does not match the storyline.

  6. Firstly, I LOVED Taking a Shot!
    Secondly, I have been “caught” by a cover and given the description an extra read-through, however, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a book solely because of a hot cover. I have NOT bought a book because of the cover because the cover overshadowed the description. One book like that I only ended up reading because Didi recommended it and told me not to let the cover scare me off. Turned out to be a great book :o)

  7. The cover plays a huge roll in whether I buy a book or not. When buying a book I first see if I recognize the author cause lets face it, a good author is a good author in my book and I will usually buy anything by an author if I enjoy their writing, regardless of cover art. But when I am browsing the book shelves, the cover is what makes me look at the book closer. If the cover art is bad then I don’t normally look any further. Does it make me not buy a book if the story sounds good? Well that depends…if I know the author, then no, if I don’t know the author and don’t know whether the book will be good or not, yes cause the cover are is like a first impression.

  8. Covers can definitely catch my eye, but I still check out the reviews before I will buy it.

    Your covers are amazing! I haven’t read one of your books yet, but I definitely know them when I see them 😀 Plus, the blog reviews are always glowing for your books.

  9. These covers make me swoon! I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Taking A Shot, and goodness in person, the water drops on his body look real enough to make me lick the cover..oops WANT to lick the cover, I wouldn’t really lick the cover, or would I? lol

    I do have to admit there are some covers out there that I would never buy in print, but will read on my ereader. I hate to think how many people miss out on the books because the covers are HORRID.

    Thank you for a great post Jaci!!!

  10. Covers? When I am in a bookstore, covers are the first thing that grabs my attention when I’m browsing for something new. If I’m just going by blurbs and reviews, then no, the cover doesn’t matter and I’ll choose the book.

    Thanks for answering the questions about your covers and for the giveaway opportunity.

  11. I have to admit I am a person that is drawn to pretty covers. Sometimes I even overlook a book if the cover is really bad. I know I shouldn’t do that but I do. I will go and read the book blurb though just to confirm if it’s something I want to read or not. And if I’m recommended a book, but I don’t like the cover, I usually read it anyways.

  12. Great post–thanks for sharing with us a bit about the covers. I’m always interested in how the cover art comes about. 🙂

    I’m a cover lover all the way! Obviously, a great cover won’t fix a horrible book, BUT I’m more likely to put up a book based on the cover first. Then I’ll look at the story. In a perfect world, the cover and story would both be amazing every time, but, unfortunately, that is not always the case. 🙂

    I’ll admit, I’ve walked away from a few books that had some..not so appealing covers (or at least not as eye catching), and later heard from other readers how great the book is. So the way I pick books (cover then story) doesn’t always work out perfect. But I doubt I’ll be changing it anytime soon–I’m just too much of a cover whore! 🙂 LOL.

    TBQ’s Book Palace

  13. I’d be lying if I’d say I wouldn’t appreciate a nice looking cover (especially the ones from your books) but I don’t buy a book just for its cover. If the story doen’t interest me, I’m not buying.
    Can’t wait to read the latest play-by-play book and I’m so happy that you’ve got a contract for more in this series! 🙂

    claudigc at msn dot com

  14. I have bought more than one book because of the cover. I do believe it helps. The ones I have bought for the cover were all new authors to me. Once I like an author then the cover comes in second.


  15. I think the cover definitely makes a difference and the ones for your player books are some of the hottest and best out there.

  16. Well, in a (my)perfect world, I would have endless hours to check out every book and read every blurb to select THE perfect books I wanted to read…but in my real world I have limited time and limited resources to TRY to get the perfect books that I want to read. As superficial as it sounds, a great cover usually gets my attention and gets me to initially pick up a book and check it out. If the cover’s done right, it should give me lots of information about the book, and if I like the blurb or have read reviews on it, then I get it. I have bought or read books with covers I’ve hated, but those were usually based on recommendations or familiarity with the author.

    I think covers are extremely important — one chance to make a first impression and all — a good cover gets the reader to pick up the book and check it out. After that, it’s totally up to the writer to close the deal with a fantastic story, characters, etc. that are SO good, the covers cease to matter to me and they go on my “Buy All Titles” list.

  17. Hi, Jaci…LOVE your books! Great question…honestly, I DO look at the covers. I can’t believe your model for Changing The Game chose to remain anonymous! He’s freaking gorgeous…what a name he could have made for himself! Jeepers! Anyway…back to your question. Yes, I look at the covers…they are what captures my attention, especially if I don’t know the author. Then I read the blurb on the back and make my decision on whether to buy. If I know the author…even if the cover is bad, I’ll read the blurb and make my decision based on it alone (as it should be anyway). But for someone I don’t know…it’s the cover that’s gonna nab me first…so, yeah, the cover is important. Oh…and I REALLY, REALLY want Taking A Shot…and did I mention that my Bday is this month…the 23rd? Just sayin’… 😉

    barbbattaglia @

  18. Cover art makes the first impression – it should give you an idea about the story – otherwise they could just be a solid color. But then it comes down to if I know something about the author, have I read any reviews.

  19. “Her body was pinging like a Geiger counter and Ty was radioactive.”

    LOL! Covers are important, but a blurb of the story is more important to me. I love sports romance and I love non-paranormal romance, so this series has a great package! *giggles*

  20. Oh Jaci the cover gods have definitely blessed you! I am definitely a “cover ho” I have stopped and more than paused when a cover has caught my attention. Yet, I am still a reader–there must be a good story to accompany that hot cover. The cover just helps me with the visual. So yes, I will still buy a book if the story intrigues me even when the cover does not. That just mean I must use my own imagination. : ) Can’t wait to read Taking A Shot–btw- my favorite cover for the series.


  21. I notice the covers and title of the book first. If they catch my attention, I’ll read the back. Of course, that doesn’t apply when it’s one of my favorite authors.

  22. I have bought 2 books strictly for the cover that made me stop and look and look, then read the blurb (always do that). one of the books was quite a bit different than I thought it would be but in such a good way that I had to review it and tell everyone else how terrific it was. the other one was also very, very good. so yeah the cover will suck me in, but I check out the blurb and make a decision.

  23. I know we always say not to judge a book by its cover, but when we are being honest our first impressions (and instant judgements) are based on the cover. A great, eye catching cover makes me stop and grab the book so I can read its back cover blurb, however it has happened that a great sounding story had such an amateur and horrible cover that it scared me off, making me think that if the book was published with such an awful cover maybe they weren’t maximalist with the editing/typos either (and I’m not talking only meh covers but truly awful ones).

    Of course I have given a chance to books with bad covers and discovered some gems, but a bad cover goes a long way in scaring the reader off.

    Thanks for your guest post Jaci and yep, you have truly been blessed with these totally drool-worthy covers 😀

  24. If I am randomly shopping for a book without a particular author in mind, then YES, a cover most definitely had an impact on me. The cover is what catches my eye. If I like the cover, I’ll grab it. If I like the blurb on the back, I’m walking out with that book. And Jaci’s book covers most definitely catch my eye!!! LOVE them!

    Gena Robertson

  25. For me the cover art is what gets me to stop and look at a book. I have chosen to not even read the back cover description because of bad cover art. A decision I have later come to see what not the brightest idea as I have found I have enjoyed books I originally rejected due to the cover art. All that was pretty the long winded version of saying, while cover is great to drool over ulitmately it is the story between the covers that really matters.

  26. Yes, a cover can catch my eye. I will stop and have a look and see if the book is interesting enough to buy and read.
    Thank you for the great post!!

  27. A cover is important, especially if I haven’t read the author before, but its more about what’s between the covers for me. I’ve read some great reviews and subsequently brought the book when I don’t necessarily like the cover.
    Please say this competition is open to international readers pretty please…. I have the first two books and I love them!!! I can only get them in print down here so would love to win 🙂

  28. I love covers! I’ll admit. If I see a cover I like, I will stop and look at the book. I will even stop and look at covers I don’t find appealing. Great interview. Can’t wait to read the book.


  29. A nice cover will definitely make me stop and consider reading a book but it won’t be the deciding factor. The blurb is. Of course if a book has a great cover and blurb, that doesn’t hurt. I’ve discovered authors and then gone on to read their backlist, some of which the covers weren’t appealing but I wanted to read the stories anyways and am so glad I did.

  30. I love covers. For me, they help me decide if I want to read the book or not. I am one who is attracted to the sports or cowboys genre. I also like the Wolves and BDSM type covers. I tend to get turned off of the covers that are computer generated or comic book like. Just doesn’t do it for me.

  31. I admit I that the cover draws my attention first if the author is new to me. I then definitely research the author and the book more once the cover gets my attention. I have a list of authors I always follow, then in that case the cover is secondary to purchasing the book.

  32. While covers aren’t everything, they can certainly grab my attention and get me to look at the blurb. This, of course, can work in the negative. If I think a cover is ridiculous, I may pass and not even look to see if I would want to read it. I must say that Jaci’s covers tend to be super hot and delicious and always make me to a second look…
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  33. The story matters more than the cover, but I’ll admit…a nice cover (with a hot guy) will make me do a double take of the book.

  34. If the cover catches my eye I’ll read the blurb – if I like that I read the first page – if I like that – I buy the book!

  35. If a cover catches my eye I’ll definitely pick up the book and read the description on the back! I’ve never bought a book or not bought one just because of the cover though. Covers like these definitely don’t hurt though!

  36. Although I do love the hunks on these books the cover does not make my decision when buying a book. I am a person who buys most books based on the author. I always know that when I get a Jaci Burton book it is going to be wonderful.

  37. Covers are a complicated topic! Yes, covers are what draws you in. The blurb on the back has to be interesting enough for me to want to look further. I have found many wonderful authors because their books have amazing covers. Will a cover stop me from buying? A new to me author, yes. An author I already know and love, mostly no. I do a lot of ebook reading now, so covers aren’t the end all be all. The Play By Play series is a paper copy series for me. I mean, really?!

  38. For me, the cover is what catches my eye. Next I read the blurb and if I like that, I will usually buy it. The cover is not the end, but the beginning. I won’t NOT read a book because of it’s cover, but I might not notice it to read it.

  39. Hi Jaci,
    thank you for the great post and giveaway. i love the covers of all your books, they are always so beautiful.

    when i am looking for a book the cover might catch my eye but it is the story and author that will get me to buy.
    i usually have some idea of what kind of story i am looking for and what authors are in that genre that i like, so the cover is what seals the deal for me. 😀

    tammy ramey

  40. For my autobuy authors, the cover doesn’t matter. For an author I’m not familiar with, the cover may entice me to check the book out, but the deciding factor is the blurb on the back.

  41. Jaci, Add me to the list of cover- influenced book buyers. It isn’t
    so with every book, but quite often!
    I have to tell you that as I sit at
    my laptop, I am looking at three
    postcards of some favorite covers.
    They are The Perfect Play,Changing
    The Game, and Taking A Shot.

    Pat Cochran

  42. I love the covers of Jaci’s books but that is not the sole reason that I will buy any author’s books. If the cover has a awesomely hot guy on the cover that will catch my eye I will stop and read the back cover before buying the book. If the description of the story doesn’t interest me then I will not buy the book. If the cover is crappy, I will do the exact same thing as if the cover has a smoking hot guy on it. Also, I will buy anything by my favorite authors regardless of the cover. Jaci is one of those authors.


  43. To be honest, a nice cover always gets my attention. I tend to browse a lot in bookstores and if I see *ahem* a hot man on the cover then I’m drawn like a bee to honey. But there are times when I’ve picked up a book based on the alluring cover, read the back blurb and realized that maybe this book isn’t for me. So I think it depends on what I’m looking for at that specific moment I guess.

    Great post btw!


    alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

  44. I do not pick books based only on the cover. I am more likely to pick up a book and read the back if I like the cover. If I do not like the cover, I am not likely to pick up the book unless I know something about the author or the book already. On the flip side, if a book does not sound good to me, I will not read it just because I like the cover. I am really wanting to read this series. I haven’t had a chance to start it yet.

    E. Thompson

  45. I do both, I take a second look because of the cover and because the story intrigues me! Bad covers do throw me off of wanting a book but if I read the blurb and it sounds good I’ll buy it or add it to my wishlist to get at a later date.

  46. I will admit it’s the cover that get’s my attention first.Then I turn the book over and read the blurb and if it sounds like something I might enjoy, I look at the cover again. Then I toss the book in my cart and buy it.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  47. Great blog, great covers, and great question, Jaci! For me, I love eye candy on a cover (and yours are HAWT), but it isn’t what makes me decide to read a book. First and foremost, it’s whether someone with similar taste to mine recommends the book. (Word of mouth–best advertising in the world.) Now if they just say, read this author, THEN I might be swayed by a particularly good cover first. But I read the blurbs and Amazon reviews, too, to make sure it sounds like a story I’d enjoy.

    As a self-published author, I love having total control of everything to do with my books. We get to pic the images (and sometimes find our own models) for the covers. I have had readers say it was the Masters at Arms cover that got them to look at the blurb for my book, so covers do matter in that regard when readers are browsing bestseller lists or recommended reads. And I think cheesy-looking artwork on covers can keep readers from looking further (unless or until someone recommends it to them).

    So, professional and hawt–and it’s the pecs that determine hawt on MY book covers–are very important elements. Your series has both factors covered.

    All the best with the series!


  48. For me, usually the cover that get’s my attention first, if that was new author for me. Then I turn the book title and read summary, if i like it, i will buy it:)

  49. A hot cover will make me stop and read the back cover, but if the story doesn’t interest me, well then I’ll pass on the book. That is for both an eBook or paperback.
    Now if it is an author I read religiously, and always buy the hardback as soon as it is released (Stephen King)it doesn’t really matter what the cover looks like.

  50. A great cover will definitely grab my attention and even make me take a second look at a book. But, no, a “bad” cover won’t prevent me from buying a book. I think word of mouth is probably the biggest factor in getting me to try a new author.

  51. i LOVE the covers to this series. i am definitely a cover girl and will pick something up based on a cover. i won’t dismiss a book with a bad cover but it’s much less likely that i’ll just pick it up unless i have heard of it or someone recommends it to me.

  52. I’m a Kindle reader, so the covers mean less to me than the content of the book. That being said, a nice cover is a nice cover. I don’t go for the bodice-ripper-type books, but some eye-candy is always a good thing.

  53. A great cover is definitely a reason to read the story line..but I will, and have bought books with bad(or not great) covers. My 1st draw though is the author definitely. Example: If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to read the back of a bunch of books, I will buy a book of a favorite author sight unseen. These covers have the OMFG factor, so that’s pure bonus, because the men inside the books are the best!

  54. I have brought books solely on the cover before and have discover many new authors. It is my first impression on the book. It’s usually what draws me to pick it up and read the blurb on the back.

  55. I have to say a good cover will get me to look at the books description, but if that doesn’t get me I usually don’t read the book. These covers are amazing to look at, but I read the books off DiDi’s suggestion. I am so glad, because I loved them. I now have my mom reading them!!!

  56. I love the covers for Jaci’s books, don’t ever put shirts on the guys. I want to read these books because the cover is so hot!

  57. A cover may grab my attention so I’ll pick it up, but if the story isn’t something I’d like, I’ll put it back. When I see an authors name I recognize and it’s not a great cover, I will pick it up to see what it’s about. I love your covers, but you are right, the story has to bring you back. Thanks for the giveway!

  58. I love this series– not only are the covers HOT but the stories are even better!!! I love Jaci’s writing!! Her Wild Riders series is also one of my favorites. For me the cover of a book definitely gets my attention and makes me either check the book out or not in most cases.
    Thanks for the chance to win — can’t wait to read this one!! 🙂
    Mariann at Belle’s Book Bag

  59. Though I love great covers, they don’t influence my purchases.
    Rhonda b

  60. Sometimes the cover alone will make me find out what the story is about. When deciding which book to buy it will come down to the story that I want to read most.
    There have been many books that I’ve loved that had covers that weren’t so interesting. So a bad cover won’t deter me from purchasing.

  61. I have to admit that the cover & title caught my eye first; but always flip the book & read what the story is about. The books in the Play by Play series will remain in my collection. They don’t even look like they have been read. LOL

  62. Well, heck just lost everything I had wrote. Yes the cover is important but I also read the back and inside covers. If I have to pick and choose I do let the cover be a bigger deciding factor.

  63. Love your covers Jaci! They sell themselves I found the first one at the Library and the cover caught my eye and now I am a huge fan, does not always happen like that but this was a case of Pretty package & contents!

  64. Sometimes the cover attracts me…sometimes I just know it’ll be good by the name of the book. It’s got to be a hero or heroine that I’ll be interested in. So the info on the back is helpful.

  65. I tend to buy books based on the covers, I always read the blurb too and if it is an author I have read and enjoyed I always buy the book.

  66. Eye-cathing covers mean a lot, but the book blurb is also important and if it pertains to something that interests me. Bianca has turned me on to hockey so these are TBR>

  67. Yes I am a total cover girl. However I get really disappointed if the cover has nothing to do with the book.

    I know the cover art department is supposed to know their stuff but gosh there are some really bad covers out there that would have benefited from author input.
    I am not an author BTW LOL

  68. Covers definitely make an impact one me. I tend to read more descriptions if I like the cover. BUT I also read books that have been recommended by friends or on blogs I follow.

    I do have to say that Jaci Burton is on the ‘buy’ list no matter what the cover looks like. 🙂

    Heather E

  69. Hello Jaci,

    I just Love eye-catching Cover Art. If there is an Author I have not read before, a Hot Sensual Cover will definitely make me look twice at the book to read the Blurb & Excerpt. But if it’s one of the numerous Authors I am already loyal to & they happen to have an “off” Cover, I’d still by buy their book.

    I just LOVE your Cover Art Jaci, OMG they are sooooooo HOT!!!!

    Take Care & Wishing You All the Best,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)

  70. I tend to read the blurb on the back and inside the front cover more than anything else so I don’t USUALLY pay attention to covers but I have to admit that your books DEFINITELY have eye-catching covers! Congrats on the success thus far and good luck with the new release.

  71. Thank you everyone for stopping by! A big thanks to Jaci for such a great posts, awesome books and HOT covers =)

    CONGRATULATIONS pfleming913 you are the winner of this contest!

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