Gennie’s Review – Eli’s Way (Christian’s Coven 3) by Lynn Hagen

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Eli was whipped and bitten until he no longer resembled a human being. He wakes to a world of vampires he never knew existed and a society he isn’t sure he’s cut out to live in. He fights his new life, refusing to feed and refusing to admit he has feelings for one large vampire.

Jersey, bodyguard for the young prince Yasuko, has finally found his mate. What should have been a joyous occasion is instead becoming a hard road to travel. Eli fights him every step of the way until Jersey and his brother, Buck, show Eli another side to who he has become.

Helping Eli face his new life is only one of the many things Jersey has challenging him. Mallon, the elder who was responsible for Eli’s kidnapping and torture, refuses to leave Eli alone, coming after him time and again.

Can Jersey help Eli cope with his new life while keeping the ex-elder from coming after his mate, or will Jersey lose Eli to his insecurities and the crazy Mallon?

Gennie’s Thoughts:
Eli’s Way is another fun addition to the Lynn Hagen’s paranormal world. In this installment we are back to the politics of Christian’s Coven and dealing with the aftermath of the evil ex-elder Mallon. Eli was found beaten and hardly recognizable in Mallon’s lair and Jersey, a member of Christian’s Coven discovered Eli was his mate when Eli was brought to The Manacle for safe keeping.

As always there is drama involved when a human is changed with no knowledge of the paranormals around them. Eli literally wakes to a world he did not know existed and discovers that he is mated to Jersey and he is not even “out” in his normal life. What I like about this book as opposed to some others in this saga is that Eli’s father is open to continuing a relationship with his son after he finds out that Eli is gay. This continuation of family ties made me happy. The path isn’t easy, but at least communication is still open.

All and all, if you have become addicted to the writings of Lynn Hagen as I have, you will enjoy this installment. If you haven’t yet discovered this series, I would recommend you read the other books before this one, because there is a lot of back story that you will not know.

Gennie gives Eli’s Way
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7 thoughts on “Gennie’s Review – Eli’s Way (Christian’s Coven 3) by Lynn Hagen

  1. This story has a really unusual theme with Eli being abused and his mate having to work with that issue. Definitely not your standard m/m romance.

    I wonder if most of Lynn’s work deals with such tough issues (new to me author).

  2. This sounds like an interesting series. Even though I have not really gotten interested in the vampire series, I might have to check this out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    E. Thompson

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