Guilty Pleasures will be featuring some of today’s HAWTEST Cowboy/Western Romance authors.  The list of participating authors is AMAZING and is still growing….growing so much that the dates just might be extended!  We will have daily prizes and a Grand Prize!


Mark your calendars, because this summer is going to be SUPER HAWT at Guilty Pleasures!


Here are our guests:
Ann Mayburn
Barbara White Daille
Becky Barker

C.H. Admirand
Carolyn Brown
Cat Johnson
Cynthia D’Alba
Joanne Kennedy
Lorelei James
Kate Pearce
Katie Lane
Mackenzie McKade
Mari Carr & Lexxie Couper
Myla Jackson
Sandy Sullivan
Sophie Oak
Susan Mallery
Vivian Arend
6/22 – Cat Johnson -WINNER –  Landry
6/23 – Cynthia D’Alba -WINNER – Lori Meehan
6/24 – Sandy Sullivan – WINNER – Tamara Hoffa
6/25 – Joanne Kennedy – WINNER – Tiss
6/26 – Lorelei James – WINNER – Shannon Owens
6/29 – Vivian Arend – WINNER – Heather E.

7/1 – Becky Barker –  Christine Sheets

7/3 – Carolyn Brown – Eileen
7/4 – Ann Mayburn – Kanya
7/5 – Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper – Natasha
7/6 – Katie Lane – Emily W
7/7 -Sophie Oak – Kim Lemear
7/8 – Myla Jackson –  Monica
7/9 – Kate Pearce – Joanne B
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  1. Oh yeah I love me some smoking hot cowboy/western books so I’m definitely looking forward to this event!!!!

  2. Oh baby! Now that’s what I like! Nothing like a perfectly sculpted sweaty cowboy to add to ones day 🙂

  3. OOOOhhhh Cowboy Christmas! And I’m fortunate enough to live in Reno where it all starts! This sounds like an exciting event here on Guilty Pleasures too!

    Heather E 😉

  4. Love this blog & reading the reviews & interviews with the authors. You have introduced me to many new authors & I cannot thank you enough. The way I look at it, I’m expanding my horizons. Love the contests, too!

  5. Smokin’ HAWT cowboys….giddy up!!! There is just something about cowboys, especially the alpha ones that just make your heart go pitta pat!!


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