Angeline’s Interview in Bliss Colorado by Sophie Oak

In honor of the release of PURE BLISS by Sophie Oak, on 3/16, we sent Angeline out to Bliss Colorado to snoop around and try to interview the townfolk. Here’s her interview.

Angeline’s Interview in Bliss, CO 

Angeline stood outside of Bliss Town Hall. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews had sent her to the notorious town to find out if things were really as crazy as some people had reported. She couldn’t believe it. Not really. It was a tiny little town in the mountains. Sure, it was pretty enough, but the rest had to be rumors. No one small town had to deal with stalkers, drug running biker gangs, Russian mobsters, and assassins. If it were true ID TV would surely be doing a show. She could see it now. Dateline in Bliss – America’s Most Dangerous Town.

And the other stuff couldn’t be true either. Crazy threesomes? BDSM relationships? Aliens?

Nope. She wasn’t going to believe until she saw it. She sighed. She should have taken the Club Shadowlands assignment.

“Excuse me.” A deep voice startled her out of her thoughts. She turned and stared. The man in front of her was six and half feet of pure sin. Dark hair. Green eyes. His face was scarred, but it did nothing to blur his beauty. Holy hotness.

“Hi.” Yeah, Angeline. That was smart. Try not to drool all over the nice man.

“You, Angeline?”

She nodded.

He gave her a thumbs up. “Awesome. I’m Zane. I’m supposed to be your guide. You know, make sure you don’t killed while you’re here. We have trouble with tourists. And secondary characters. Man, I would watch it. If you’re obnoxious, the big boss tends to kill you off. She likes to do it two or three times per book.”

“I’ll try not to be obnoxious.” Okay. So one rumor was true. The guys in this place were smoking hot. A man in a khaki Sheriff’s uniform winked as he walked in the town hall. He looked like he should be on a magazine cover. “The sheriff looks nice.”

Zane shook his head. “Not at all. He’s an asshole. Oh, he’s my partner and all, but seriously, he can be hell on wheels. He loves writing tickets. Well, he loves writing tickets when he’s not fishing. Come on, I’ll introduce you around. I was told you had some questions.”

Angeline followed, suddenly way more interested in this assignment than she had been before. “I do. There are several rumors going on about this place. Wait. He’s your partner?” She huffed a little. “I was told this wasn’t an M/M assignment.”

Zane laughed. “He’s my partner. We share a wife. And we’re a strictly M/F/M town. If you want some M/M/F action, you have to go to Texas. Those Siren boys like to play it both ways if you know what I mean. Nope. No touching between me and Nate. We just love to get our wife between us. Her name is Callie. We just had twins.”

He led her through the town hall. She stopped in front of a couple in full mime gear. Angeline looked up at her guide. “Why?”

Zane waved her off. “That’s Nell and Henry. They’re the resident protestors. I think this week it’s Paypal. Ah, that who I was looking for. If you want to know about Bliss, you go to the originals. Max and Rye. It all started with those two.”

Two identically hot cowboys turned. They were exactly alike with broad shoulders and strong bodies and gorgeous faces. But one was smiling and one was not. Angeline quickly figured out that the grumpy one was named Max and the reasonable one was Rye.

“I don’t like to talk to reporters,” the frowning one said. “But I do have a few things I would like to complain about. Maybe if put it in an article, the lady who writes this series might listen.”

Rye elbowed his brother. “Don’t, brother. You know the rumor is if you piss off the boss lady again, she might give us another girl. We might never get a boy.”

Max shrugged. “Ain’t going to happen. She’s got to spread the babies around. Stef and Jen need a kid. Nell offered to be Laura’s surrogate and Holly is getting a little long in the tooth if you know what I mean. If we’re going to get any half Russian babies around here, Holly better be next. We’re safe for a couple of books. So I want to protest. There’s a lamentable lack of crazy sex for me in the last several books. I need more than a quickie in a closet. I need crazy three way sex time with my super hot wife. You tell that Sophie lady she owes me.”

The cowboy turned on his boot heels and walked off. His brother shrugged. “It’s hard with a baby. Zane, you know what it’s like.”

Zane nodded. “Yep, first it’s all crazy hot double penetration and you go crazy with the butt plugs and now it’s all pacifiers and spit up milk.”

Rye put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “It gets better, man. Your twins are in that stay up all night phase. Just the other day Paige spent the night with Stella and Sebastian and me, Rach and Max spent some time in the play room. I got to try a new paddle on Rach’s ass. That was a good time.”

“I can’t wait to get back to insane sex with Callie.” Zane sighed. His eyes lit up. “There’s the next one to go down.”

Angeline looked over and saw a tall cowboy walk in with a brunette on his arm. He laughed and smiled down at the woman winking at her before she walked away. His eyes laser focused on Angeline. Her heart skipped a little beat. He was a truly beautiful man.

“Hello. You’re new around here,” the cowboy said, tipping his Stetson.

Zane leaned in. “By new, he means he hasn’t slept with you yet. This is James Glen. He owns the Circle G. He’s also Bliss’s resident man whore.”

James looked shocked. “Zane, I am not a man whore. Whores accept monetary payment for their favors. I accept thank yous. I am a man slut. Get up on your lingo, buddy.”

“So you’re single?” Angeline asked, the possibilities running through her brain. She’d checked into the Movie Motel. She wouldn’t mind a little cowboy company.

A woman with brown hair and glasses walked by. She was cute, her face pretty, but it was obvious she wasn’t interested in attracting a bunch of attention. Yet she had it from the hot cowboy. The professed man slut watched her as she walked into the auditorium.

Zane leaned in. “That’s Hope McLean. Rumor is she’s going to be Jamie’s heroine.”

James Glen gasped and stared at Zane. “You take that back.”

Zane shrugged. “Dude, when your time’s up, it’s up.”

“But that’s not fair. Logan should be next. Everyone loves Logan. He’s twelve kinds of fucked up. Women love that. It should be Logan. I’m not ready to leave my sluttiness behind. Besides who’s my partner? Is it Wolf?”

Angeline had been given a folder on all these lovely characters before she’d entered Bliss. Wolf Meyer was a hot former Navy SEAL.

“Nope,” Zane explained. “Wolf’s moving back to Texas and Logan is going with him. Face it, buddy, you’re the last guy standing. It has to be you. Boss lady needs your book to introduce new characters. So get used to it. Come March 16th, you’re going down.”

The cowboy nodded and a stoic look came over his face. He walked into the auditorium with the look of a dead man walking.

“It won’t be so bad. His long lost brother is coming back.” Zane crossed his arms over his massive chest. “So what other questions do you have?”

Angeline opened her notebook. She had a million and one.

Two hours later she was convinced she’d landed in a loony bin. The mayor believed bears had tried to molest him. A ridiculously hot doctor had given her a thorough check up. A crazy dude named Mel had tried to talk her into wearing tin foil over her head.

And she kind of liked it here.

She walked out into the night. Maybe it was time to move. There were two hot mechanics she’d met tonight. They were brand new secondary characters who wouldn’t even show up until the March 16th book. They didn’t have a heroine yet. She imagined herself in between them. Jesse and Cade were hot and liked to share.

Yes. She could be happy in Bliss.

Angeline looked up at the night sky. It was brilliant here. The stars were bright and large and really close. Really close. Way too close…

The previous article was pieced together from Angeline’s notes. She’s mysteriously disappeared, though Mel Hughes from Bliss, Colorado claims she was taken by aliens. We hope her probing is a pleasurable one.

Would you like to visit Bliss?  One lucky commenter will win one of Sophie’s backlist.  Winner will be selected 3/16, using

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Bliss, Colorado, gave Hope McLean a second chance at life, but she’s hiding a dark secret.

Raised as brothers, James Glen and Noah Bennett always dreamed of finding a woman to share their lives on the Circle G ranch. James would run the ranch, while Noah served the town of Bliss as the resident vet. But when a woman came between the brothers, Noah fled for New York City and James was left to struggle for the ranch’s survival alone.

Now that Noah has returned, he will do anything to repay his debt to James. When he sees Hope, he knows she is the woman they both have been waiting for. But just as their love begins to bloom, a nightmare from Hope’s past returns to claim her.

To save Hope, and themselves, they will have to reclaim the brotherhood that was shattered and fight for their future.

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25 thoughts on “Angeline’s Interview in Bliss Colorado by Sophie Oak

  1. Wow what a fun interview! I have never been to Bliss but can’t wait to visit and find some sweet hotties to drool over.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sophie oak!!! I am so excited that Pure Bliss is out this week – can’t wait!!!! I have read everyone of her books and each one just keeps gettting better!! Such a funny interview – thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

  3. That interview, story, post, whatever you want to call it, was hysterical. I laughed so hard. Have not read any of the Bliss books yet, but the series sounds amazing. Can’t wait to start. Thanks for the giveaway.


  4. I’ve been trying to get to Bliss…Guess I’ll take one for the team and go look for Angeline =)

    Thanks for the great Interview Angeline and Sophie!

  5. I always love visiting Bliss! I can’t wait for the 16th to head back there! IN the mean time if you still need someone to cover Club Shadowlands, I’m free…just saying LOL. Seriously fun interview Sophie! Congrats on the new release!

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  7. I absolutely LOVE Sophie Oak’s writing. This was a really interesting article, as well. I like the way it covered all of the back story and preview for Bliss into a fun story.


  8. Wow, I want to visit Bliss almost as much as I want to visit Lusty, Texas or Sundance, Wyoming, or Desire, OK. Can’t wait!! Thanks Angeline, that was AWESOME!

  9. Loved the interview. Not familiar with Sophie’s books but will definitely be checking them out.

  10. I love Bliss, that is where I want to vacation for a month. Great interview Angeline- I would just love to be a sandwich between twin cowboys. YaaHoo!!!!!!

  11. This interview alone makes me want to explore Bliss and it’s people!! Sophie’s Bliss series will be in my TBR pile!!

  12. This was great. Bliss is my favorite series. I am re-reading now to refresh my scattered brain before Friday.

    This was a fabulous post.

  13. I just love this series and all of its colorful characters. I’d move to Bliss in a heartbeat. Can’t wait to read this next story.

  14. Okay, that was hysterical! I just about spit soda all over the computer when I read the bit about Logan! I can’t wait til tomorrow. I’ve already preordered, so you all know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

  15. LOL! GREAT interview…Bliss sounds like a wonderful place to visit, I wanna go there! 🙂

    barbbattaglia @

  16. Thank you Sophie and Angeline for a great interview…HOPEFULLY Angeline will have time to review for GP from BLISS, cause we haven’t heard from her yet..I’m guessing one or two somethings are keeping her busy 😉

    Thank you all for stopping by!

    Congratulations to Casey Lu, you won one of Sophie’s back list, please contact me to let me know which one you want and your preferred digital format.

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