Shadow’s Review – Diamond Heart by Ann Mayburn

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After catching her no good cheat’n rat bastard ex-fiancé in bed with her best friend, Rowan Belmont leaves the mills and factories of the Midwest to move nearer her sister in San Francisco. After being robbed in Kansas City, she loses the money to complete her journey and she tries to pawn her engagement ring, only to find out that it‘s fake. Alone, broke, and on the edge of giving up, Rowan hopes for a miracle.

Marcel Champlain can’t get the beautiful woman he met at the Kansas City hotel out of his mind. When she turns up at his family’s jewelry he knows that God has brought them together. He makes Rowan a job offer: Go with him to Freewill, Wyoming to open a new jewelry store and pose as his wife.

With only three months to convince Rowan that she should become his wife in truth, Marcel intends to show Rowan that no other man on earth will ever love her as much as he does. Their time together may be cut short by when it seems like fate will take Marcel from Rowan all too soon and leave her once again alone in the world.

Shadow’s Thoughts:
Diamond Heart is a sweet vignette, set in the American west in 1881. Rowan Belmont is stranded in Kansas City with no money and no way into her hotel room when jeweler Marcel Champlain comes to her rescue. Sparks fly between them, in spite of her efforts to keep him at bay and she ends up having dinner with him.

When she comes back into his life unexpectedly, he offers her a job- pretend to be his wife for three months while he opens a new jewelry store in Freewill, Wyoming. After some convincing she agrees, and they travel to Freewill. By the time they arrive, Marcel knows Rowan is the woman he wants as his wife. But Rowan has been hurt, physically and mentally and isn’t ready to take on a man in any capacity except as employer. Can Marcel convince her to take a chance on him?

This was a light read, and while there were a couple of sex scenes, they were fairly mild. If I have one complaint with Diamond Heart it is that most of the conflict has taken place before the story begins. The only thing to overcome is the heroine’s reluctance to take a chance on love.  In spite of that, it kept my attention and ended on a satisfying note.

Shadow gives Diamond Heart and a Recommended Read Award
DIAMOND HEART will release 2/15/12

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9 thoughts on “Shadow’s Review – Diamond Heart by Ann Mayburn

  1. I am bumping this on up in my TBR, I love Ann’s characters and it sounds like this will be two of my favorites!

  2. Thanks Shadow for the great review. I am waiting for the stories to start flowing about Freewill, Wy. This will be my 2nd story after Becca Dale’s Unspoken Promises. Can’t wait for the release.

  3. Put this book on the top of my wishlist. Sounds like a good book. Can’t wait to read this book to see what happens between Marcel and Rowan. Thanks for the review.


  4. Yeah! So glad you liked it and thank you so much for taking the time to review it, Shadow. 🙂 I hope people enjoy the town of Freewill, all the author’s of the Western Escape Line have put our hearts into building a place where the western spirit is celebrated through out time.

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