Alyn’s Review – The Bikers’ Babe (Dirty Dozen #2) by Marla Monroe

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When Tess is attacked by a serial killer, Zack and Cole offer her their protection while they are riding on the road. They convince her to stay with them while she is recovering.

The guys are falling for her and think Tess, a travel nurse who works all over the United States, feels the same way, but she’s insistent that her life is on the road. As part of a construction crew, Zack and Cole travel as well, but they would stick closer to home for her.

When the killer returns to finish what he started, it takes Zack and Cole working with the police to rescue her.

Tess thinks she loves the two men, but what about her life on the road? She is used to coming and going as she wants. Can the men convince her to stick around on a more permanent basis, and can Tess trade in her wanderlust for domestic tranquility

Alyn’s Review:
Having a job that requires you to travel can make it difficult to find that sexy someone you want to share your life with. That is unless that certain someone travels too. Tina is a travel nurse and a biker that does not like being tied down to one place. She enjoys the freedom of choosing where to work and the opportunity to meet new people while seeing new places. For her, finding a man that can accept the fact that she prefers her bike to the back of a man’s bike can be difficult, or so she thought. During a routine traffic stop, Tina encounters a group of bikers that fall prey to the traffic police as well. It was then that traveling construction workers, Cole and Zack first laid eyes on her and refused to let go.

After learning that a serial killer is on the loose and then suffering a near abduction, Tina agrees to let the biker duo escort her to her next work site and allow them to keep an eye on her until she gets settled. She didn’t realize that their idea of keeping an eye on her meant keeping eyes, hands and other yummy body parts on every part of her. Can Tina handle two bikers that want to keep her all to themselves? Zack and Cole are determined to show her that two is better in more ways than one. For Tina it takes a lot of convincing and surviving a serial killer to help her decide.

This was a delicious read that kept me turning the pages. The attraction happens fast and the determination that Cole and Zack have just makes me melt. This read is a fast ride with lots of biker babe menage action and a bit of suspense that is sure to please.

Alyn gives The Bikers’ Babe

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12 thoughts on “Alyn’s Review – The Bikers’ Babe (Dirty Dozen #2) by Marla Monroe

  1. Sounds awesome! Always glad to find a new book with a strong man in it – better when there are two!

  2. Thanks Alyn for the great review. I already bought book 1, now on to #2. Zach and cole seem to be quite a team- Tess as a traveling nurse fits in with their lifestyle. They become her knight’s in shining armor because ofher problem. Can’t wait to read it after #1.

  3. Sounds good – will be checking the series out. Cover for book #2 is so much better than book #1.
    Thanks for the review, Alyn!

  4. I like the suspense in this series. I also think this is an interesting job a travel nurse… and of course the traveling construction crew.

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