Alyn’s Review – Her Biker Bodyguards (Dirty Dozen 3) by Marla Monroe

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Briana has her hands full with a pair of biker bodyguards. Can they keep her safe despite her assurances that she doesn’t need them? When she moves to Dallas to start work, will they convince her to let them stay on the job or will she push them away?

How can she ignore them when they are the fathers of her child, and how do you fill out the paperwork at the doctor’s office when you don’t know which one is the father?

Dillon and Gavin are determined to make Briana their own. When they find out she’s pregnant with their child, they pull out all the stops to change her mind about going it alone. What will it take to convince her they want to guard her for life?

Alyn’s Thoughts:
Marla Monroe has done it again with Dirty Dozen 3! After Briana is almost raped when leaving her night job at the adult store in town, she finds herself face to face with her guardian angels in leather. After a chance drive by and a good beat down of the assailant, Dillon and Gavin are now Briana’s self appointed body guards simply because they can’t stand to see a young lady working in such a dangerous area. Since Briana has to work nights so that she can attend school during the day, the adult store is her only job option. As a result, Briana now finds herself in the company of two biker hotties that are not only brothers, but twins. They refuse to let her leave work alone and after a few short evenings, Gavin finds himself falling for her.

With three months left on their construction job, Gavin and Dillon are worried that Briana may leave town sooner than they are willing to let her go. They make a point to show her that two is better than one and offer her the hottest menage action possible. But when loyalties are questioned, things get difficult and Briana finds herself in a predicament. Can she handle two overprotective hotties on Harleys during her pregnancy?

I must say that I find myself enjoying this series more and more with each book. Reading about two bad ass bikers doting over their woman and following pregnancy books to take care of her simply made me giggle. The menage scenes are nothing short of steamy and descriptions of men smacking their heads against the shower wall in pleasure made me drool. I hate the stereotypes of bikers always being tough so I love that Marla shows how dedicated two men can be to their woman while still having that rough neck exterior. 4 stars and a tissue to keep the drool at bay!

Alyn gives Her Biker Bodyguards

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8 thoughts on “Alyn’s Review – Her Biker Bodyguards (Dirty Dozen 3) by Marla Monroe

  1. Thanks for the review, Alyn. I look forward to the read. A twin menage, definitely hot.It is a read going to the top ofthe pile.

  2. Enjoyed the review. This sounds like a good series. Lol at the biker guys reading the pregnancy books. Have put this series on my wish list.

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