Alyn’s Review – Brandy’s Bikers (Dirty Dozed bk 1) by Marla Monroe

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Publisher’s Blurb:
Brandy’s been hurt in the past by bikers. The gang who’s rolled into town to do construction work in the area adds to her unease, especially when two of the handsome men set their sights on her.

Kyle and West see forever when they look in Brandy’s eyes. They set out to woo her. Will she put aside her fear and give them a chance? She only has a few weeks left to make her decision before they move on to the next job.

When someone uses Brandy as a pawn to stop the construction, Kyle and West must find her before it’s too late. Is it personal or is it business?

For them, it’s very personal.

Alyn’s Thoughts:
I really enjoyed reading this installment of the Dirty Dozen series. While it was a quick read, it had some very sexy bedroom scenes and a menage relationship that would make any girl envious. Let’s face it, what girl wouldn’t want two gorgeous men treating her like a goddess for the rest of her life? This story is about a shy girl named Brandy who had a bad experience with a group of bikers one night after getting of work at a local cafe. Ever since that day she was cautious to avoid men, especially bikers. That is until the day a dozen bikers walk into the cafe and show her that even bikers can be perfect gentlemen. On location for a construction job, Kyle, West and their crew were only planning on sticking around until their job is complete. The moment Kyle and West lay eyes on Brandy, that plan begins to change. Brandy had always avoided advances from her co-workers, especially a slimeball cook that doesn’t know how to keep his hands to himself. But when Kyle and West save Brandy from an unwanted advance, she goes against her rules and changes her life and theirs forever.

I am giving this book 3 stars. It is worth the read and a great story when you need a quick fix. What I had difficulty with was that the story seemed very rushed. The boys meet Brandy and immediately start planning the future before they barely even speak to her. Additionally, there are a few areas in the story that seem like more of a list of what is happening rather than a story being told. On a good note, that does change toward the climax of the story when things really start to heat up in a fight or flight mode. When the boys are at risk of losing their new love, they go all out to try and find her as she fights for survival.

Overall it was a fun read and I am looking forward to reading the sequel. I really love how Kyle and West are so head over heels for their conquest and how dedicated they are to protecting her. You really want them to beat the crap out of the jerks in the story and I found myself wishing they would more often than not.

Sometimes it is just fun to watch men stand up for the women they love! Would definitely recommend this one especially if you love those bad boys on bikes!

Alyn gives Brandy’s Bikers

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12 thoughts on “Alyn’s Review – Brandy’s Bikers (Dirty Dozed bk 1) by Marla Monroe

  1. Sounds HOT!! A ménage with bikers!! I am a sucker for bikers. I am so reading this book.
    Thanks for the review.


  2. I’ve read MANY erotic and romance novels but have yet to read one with bikers. I think I’ve just found my first 😉

    Cannot wait for its release!

  3. Enjoyed the review. This will be my first time reading this author. Sounds like a hot read! Adding to my wish list.

  4. Great Review Alyn, I missed this author- and I like menage stories. Sounds like a quick read so I’ll put it to the top of the TBR pile. Bikers are so hot, andmost have hearts of gold.

  5. Thanks, great review. I’m not sold on the cover tho. The helmet doesn’t scream sexy to me!! The rest, smokin’ hot

  6. Thanks for the intro to this author. Found a couple more books on her web site to add to my wish list. lisagk

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