Review – A Four-Gone Conclusion by Delilah Devlin

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One devilish night…or a chance at heaven? 

Lone Star Lovers, Book 5

Sam Logan’s foster sons have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas. Most of it earned. When it becomes clear they don’t plan on giving up scootin’ after every pretty pair of boots in town anytime soon, he issues the one thing he knows they can’t resist: a challenge. Find a wife.

The oldest, Johnny, is actually grateful. He’s had his eye on Mean Ellie Harker for a long time, and Sam’s challenge is the kick in the pants he needed to ask her out. Except before he can make his move, his brothers kidnap her right out from under his nose. Now, instead of being one question away from victory, he has to compete for the woman of his dreams.

Ellie thought she’d be a dried up old spinster before Johnny finally untangled his tongue long enough to ask for a date. But instead of teaching him better uses for that tongue, his brothers have whisked her away to the ranch. At first she’s furious…then intrigued when she starts to wonder what it might be like to have not just one sexy cowboy dedicated to her pleasure, but four…

Warning: Four handsome cowboys. Four choices. Will it be a single sordid night or a chance at heaven as she savors every luscious inch of the Logan brothers?

ebook95 pages
Published September 13th 2011 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Naughty D’s Review:

Ellie, has humor, sexiness and the balls to decide to go after what she’s been lusting after, only she didn’t realize the one she lusted after came with three more for free.  I LOVED Johnny and Killian,the twins..ehhh, they need to mature A LOT.  

The smexin’ was HOT, HOT, HOT…I loved how ornery Johhny is, but deep inside there is a softie ready for love.  Killian…OMG he sounds like a dream.   The twins, well they reminded me of two frisky pups, frolickin’ around until the next shiny toy catches their eye…lol.  

The ending was unexpected and a little abrupt, I was shaking my kindle trying to see if there was more hiding in it.  I have to give DD credit for taking a chance and not making it a TOTAL HEA and wrapping up everything nice and tidy with a big bow. Don’t get me wrong there is HEA for some parties…others it seems like a HFN.  

All in all this is a great addition to the Lone Star Lovers series.  As always, I wish it was longer, I do think there is some unfinished business with this cast of characters and hope to see it in future books. 

Naughty D gives Four-Gone Conclusion 
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4 thoughts on “Review – A Four-Gone Conclusion by Delilah Devlin

  1. This one left me kind of shaking my head too. I think there was a little too much going on for me maybe, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually enjoy her books.

  2. Heather, Because I love both Johnny and Killian, I didn’t care for the ending..kinda hoping the one ends up with his own…he is such a sexy, sweetheart…he deserves his own woman =)

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