Three Days of Dominance by Cari Silverwood

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When a man with mint-green eyes steps from a lake and offers to rescue Danii’s dog in exchange for three days of total obedience, it’s obvious he must be either joking or crazy. She must be the crazy one, though, because somehow, she ends up saying yes. 

Being a police officer, she usually knows how to handle the crazies, but when it comes to Heketoro, she’s the one being handled. Each day their lovemaking becomes wilder and Danii discovers exactly how far this man can take her. Though the tattoos drawing themselves on his body make it clear he’s not quite human, to Danii what’s more important is their burgeoning love for each other. 

To Heketoro, what’s important is one last ritual of love needed to break an ancient curse that prevents him from returning to his world. But as the time draws near, his enemies return and threaten to destroy him by using his only weakness — Danii. 

Light BDSM/Fetish Fantasy 
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent, violence.

DiDi’s Review:
First, I have to admit that while I love vampire romances, I’ve never been able to get into witches, shifters, magic, fae, etc…  So I was a little skeptical about being able to stick to reading an erotic romance involving fairies…WELLL….let me tell you, I am so glad I read TDoD. 

Danii is an almost burned out police officer who is drowning her feelings in too much scotch.  She’s been having erotic dreams involving a stranger. She’s walking her and her neighbor’s dog one day, when one of them gets loose and runs into the water…before she can figure out how to save him…the stranger from her dreams appears.

Heketoro is fae, trapped in a curse for 100 years, he has 3 days to break the curse or he dies.  Danii is the only one able to help break the curse, but in helping him she could be seriously injured or killed.   In order to help break the curse she has to obey him for three days.  Heketoro takes Danii to levels of ecstasy she never dreamed possible…and oh the ways he binds her…vines, roses…sighhhh….

Ms. Silverwood has a way of describing scenes and emotions beautifully.  I could literally see Danii’s world changing from shades of gray to vivid colors brought forth by Heketoro’s entrance into her life.  And Heketoro…he could use me to break his curse any day or three or one hundred 😉 One thing I really enjoyed about TDoD is that there is alot of sex, but each scene doesn’t go on page after page. Sometimes I can feel my eyes crossing when a book has sex scenes that go on for ten pages each.  I want some story with my sex =)

This isn’t a very long book, but it is packed with emotions, sensuality and kink.   I am hoping to see more of Danii and Heketoro =)  And I LOVE the cover =)  IMO it’s poster worthy.

Three Days of Dominance and Cari Silverwood  are one of the reasons I wanted to do a review site that was different, one to help promote authors. It’s even more exciting to me if I’m promoting new authors, from what I can tell this is Cari Silverwood’s first book and I will be watching for more.  She has opened my mind to reading other sub-genres of erotic romance.

DiDi gives TDoD

NOTE:  I actually purchased this book from amazon, it was not given to me by the author.

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9 thoughts on “Three Days of Dominance by Cari Silverwood

  1. Oh, you do know how to make an author squeal Didi.
    hank you for the review. Scrumptious. I’m glad I made your eyes cross LOL
    Though I did giggle at the no more than 10 pages for sex scenes. I wrote another recently where it went on for 50 pages … but they did do a fair bit of talking during the ‘intermissions’. Sometimes the people in stories get carried away.

  2. lol…ok my page count may be a little off…but 50 pages with intermission conversation works for me, 50 pages of non-stop humping, moaning, licking…well you get my point…drives me a bit batty 😉 I can’t wait to read your future books, they look interesting as well!!! Good Luck with all your projects =)

    PS I’m still sitting here imagining being tied up with roses..sigh….

  3. This is the second time I’ve seen this book. I almost got it last time or downloaded a sample to help remind me. I do that a lot then don’t remember what the book was about. I’m going to double check right now.

  4. I saw this book on another site a few months ago. I thought it looked interesting and added it to my wish list. Thanks for the review. I tend to like a lot of the same books you like.

  5. Jen B….I hope you like it, being fae, it’s different than my norm but I really liked it 🙂 oh and you won Collateral Damage I need to know what what email to give to Jennifer S.

  6. Just finished the book this morning. I’m not a fan of paranormal or fairy books, but I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I really did enjoy it.

  7. Annie I am soooo glad you enjoyed it. I too was like eehhh when I saw what it was about, but I loves it and honestly hope to see more of Heketoro and Danii. Thank you so much for trusting my review and for always stopping by and leaving feedback 🙂

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