Male Order by Cassandre Dayne

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Razer Willis was used to being exploited. Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he was close to being broke and homeless but no matter how desperate his situation, he refused to succumb to being yet another boy toy. After rejecting sex with a man that could make or break him, Razer buried himself in his paintings for release. His lover and best friend knew about the damning secret in his past and became determined to drag him out of his personal hell at the expense of their relationship. His lover’s gift? Membership into an elite club that brought men together for business and pleasure with a contract for life. Male Order was discrete, on the up and up and screened their applicants carefully.

Trenton Masters held ugly secrets of his own. In a comforting but loveless relationship, Trenton receives a membership to the most exclusive club in the city. Meeting at the club, both Razer and Trenton quickly embark into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission only to have their damaging pasts force them to face reality.

Finally uncovering the truths, both men felt a heightened level of betrayal yet there was something else pulsing just under the surface — feelings of real love for the first time since their private monsters kept them captive. As their respective pasts slam into their comfortable lives, can two men forgive the demons that dragged them into hell or will they lose their only means of salvation?

Becky’s Review:
Male Order by Cassandre Dayne is an interesting m/m BDSM book. I loved the two main characters, Trenton and Razer, and the two supporting characters, Dyson and Blake are so appealing they deserve a book all their own.

My concern about Male Order is it seems to be all talk, no show regarding BDSM. Trenton and Razer are both filled with secrets and dark pasts that affect their current relationship. Trenton even has a very nice dungeon but no one ever uses it. Dyson and Blake are all, “No, thank you.” Razer is, “Oh, yes, please,” but that’s where the BDSM stops.

There is a lot of hot sex, make no doubt about it. These guys don’t fool around when they get horny and whether they get off with a lover or a best friend doesn’t seem to matter initially. Everyone talks about BDSM but the actual sex consists of a lot of rubbing, sucking and a little bit of in-and-out. They’ve been broken, you see, by horrible experiences in the past, some of it 20 or more years ago.

In this book there be monsters, BDSM players who don’t understand a single word of the phrase, “Safe, sane and consensual.” The long-term effects of damaging a partner emotionally, psychologically and physically are graphically demonstrated.

Setting aside the concern about plot line that doesn’t quite mature, the book is otherwise well written and the characters are well developed and behave consistently. The ending is extremely exciting with plot twists and then another twist. I like the way Ms. Dayne builds tension and then lets the reader hang in there a little longer before providing solution to the suspense.

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3 thoughts on “Male Order by Cassandre Dayne

  1. LOVED this book Becky C. I was also expecting it to have more BDSM, but the BDSM did take a back seat to the beautiful story of two broken men, finding healing and love, with a little help from two unselfish best friends that loved them dearly. I really hope to see a story for Dyson and Blake and more of Trenton and Razer..and man would I love to be the third for Trenton and Razer =) I will definitely be checking out more of Cassandre Dayne’s books~~

  2. Thank you guys so much! I am so glad you loved it Naughty D – first and foremost the story is the important part and I am so glad you loved the spicy too! I think I love your idea of two more stories – you already have me thinking!! Thank you very very much!

  3. oh goodness Cassandre…just the thought of seeing Razer and Trent in a healthy D/s mode…sighhh….You are very welcome….

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