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We all get caught up in ordering ebooks…but how many of you still LOVE to get your hands on a print book?  I do. I’ve recently received a couple of ARCs and it reminded me how much I love to hold an actual book in my hands. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t get rid of my Naughty Kindle for the world, but holding a “real” book occasionally is nice and comforting to some degree.

If you are going to go on a book shopping spree, don’t forget the “little” guys, the Indie stores.  I love going into B&N, but I really enjoy going to the smaller stores, I’ve run into the most interesting people in some of them.

So next time you are heading out to buy a print book, look up an Indie store and visit one =)   Use this link to find one close to you. 

I would like to thank, Karla H. from the Budget Books, for sharing this link with me =)  So if you are in the Houston area, check them out.  I’m trying to fix my schedule so I can head that way on 8/27 for the Christie Craig book signing. 

Katy Budget Books
2450 Fry Rd
Houston, TX 77084


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