A Dirty Little Secret….ANAL sex

So you all know I love Erotic Romances.  I never knew they existed until almost 2 years ago, not only did I not know there were romance books out there that had more descriptive scenes than Harlequin’s Blaze line or Silhouette’s Desire line.  I HAD no FREAKIN’ clue there were romance novels that had menages and anal sex. I thought that stuff only happened in porn and when hookers/sluts were involved.   And I honestly only thought gay men would enjoy anal…I know you’re thinkin’ “Naughty D’ what a sheltered life you’ve led”

Needless to say, countless numbers of books later, the shock and ick factors have subsided and I am intrigued.  I even sat with a close friend of mine last fall and after a couple of drinks, brought up anal sex and was shocked as hell when she hit the bar with her hand and said “I freakin’ love it!” at my look of shock, she went on to explain that during the last stages of her first pregnancy, she and her husband tried it out and found it was great for both of them, she did tell me that when done right you can experience an orgasm like no other…my little mind is going “curiouser and curiouser”

Here are things I ponder about Anal Sex…
  • How can something that sounds so painful, be touted as one of the best orgasms ever?  
  • Why would a woman want to let something in that hole, when she has two other fully functional holes?
  • Who is brave enough to willingly try it, WITHOUT immense amounts of alcohol and any other mind numbing agents?
  • Isn’t it messy? Stinky?
  • How does one bring the subject up?
  • Where does one go to find out the how-tos?  
  • Is it for everyone?
Personally, I’d have to learn ALOT more about it…and if I ever got brave enough….it would have to be with someone I 100% trust and am comfortable with. 
So Guilty Pleasure followers…..Have you tried/enjoyed Anal???? What experiences have you had?   Come one don’t be shy….Naughty D’ is brave enough to put her ignorance and curiosity out here  😉  
I did find this interesting article online…..
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12 thoughts on “A Dirty Little Secret….ANAL sex

  1. Ewwwwww! Tried it, not a fan, so it’s not for everyone. And yes, it can be messy, the mess from lube and secretions has been named “santorum” (just google it if you don’t believe me).

  2. oh gawd isn’t there a politician, like one who is a candidate for 2012 presidency, with that last name…lol…sucks to be him

  3. I’ll take a stab at your questions. DH and I enjoy it very much.
    1. More lube than you think you need. Lots more lube. Little bit of stretchy pain but the more often you do it the less it hurts in a bad way.
    2. Variety
    3. Lots of people.
    4. No. I’m told some people like to use a little enema but it isn’t usually necessary. Bowel movements are not stored in the rectum. If you feel like you need to go, do use the bathroom before having anal sex.
    5. Just ask, as in, “What do you think about trying something new?” If you aren’t comfortable having that kind of conversation, and accepting whatever answer is given, you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place.
    6. Google, I suppose.
    7. Probably not. If you try it and it hurts too much, for heaven’s sake say “Stop right the heck now and get out of there!”

    That being said, what is that saying again….its a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.
    In the very recent past, during an extreme moment of weakness, I decided WTF, let’s do this. I do have to say that it was not quite as stomach clenching as I envisioned. Although I would not rank it at the top of my sexual encounters, I was intrigued enough to try it two times since. The second and third times were somewhat less intimidating and definitely showed potential of being an experience I want to explore further. I found that this is definitely something NOT to be rushed and if done correctly could bring me to new heights orgasmically.

  5. Anonymous 2 and 3 thank you for sharing and making me giggle =) Please share the blog with friends and ask them to follow =)

  6. Let’s not forget all the TOYS! That’s another way to give this a try 🙂

  7. Yes, my husband and I both love it. I had to have a hysterectomy last summer and was “out of commission” for 8 weeks. So we had it more during that 8 weeks than we ever had. I wasn’t drunk & I agree with the person who said if you have to go before hand go. If you get a good quality lube then it is not that messy.

  8. An author I follow recently had a post about this topic. There are how-to’s on the net but the most important are lots of lube and take it slow. Perhaps some play before engaging in intercourse, fingers or small toys specifically designed for anal use, etc.

  9. DH and I have enjoyed anal sex on a regular basis for almost a year now. Came across it while reading some erotic romances enough times that I thought, hmm maybe there’s real people who enjoy this, but being the skeptical-don’t believe everything you read mentality, I downloaded “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex”. I’d recommend it for newbies. Lots of good information-real life details that sometimes get left out in the romance novels. I’m in my early 50’s and married for over 30 years. I can’t imagine trying it with someone I didn’t trust and felt very comfortable with.
    We don’t drink anymore and the male has to be really hard for it to work so keep that in mind when it comes to alcohol. I sure as shit would want him to be in 100% control of his faculties and his ability to hold back if needed because it takes a bit to adjust it being in there and for me anyways it takes a bit before he can -how should I say this-have at it. Sorry if TMI, but you asked. Of course I’m sticking with anonymous for this post.

  10. Thank you June and Anonymous 3, 4 and 5…y’all have all definitely given me great insight to this “forbidden” pleasure 😉

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