Why I am starting WTF Book Reviews

The title of the site started as a joke within my book club, see one of our members has read some quite interesting books, a puppy shifter romance being one…another member commented “where do you get your books wtfbooks.com?” Myself being in a strange mood today said that’s what we will call the site we have been talking about WTFbookreviews.  Why have we been talking about a site? Well for one, we are a grop of diverse women who all love romance stories, be they erotic, contemporary, vanilla or some kink, but none of us are authors or in the book industry. AND because there are some reviewers out there that leave such horrible, stanky ass reviews that we wonder WTF were they reading, when the WTFbookreview site came up, the idea popped in my head to do book reviews and an occasional reviewer review and here we are.

I am not going to promise clean reviews, written in proper english or politically correct reviews. I can say if I do not care for a book I will not slam an author, it is her/his work, they worked hard on it, I may not like it, but it’s not my right to slam them.  I may rate it low and put what I didn’t like, but I won’t be ugly. I have a high measure of respect for the men and women who put time, energy and heart into the stories they create, I can’t and don’t write, therefore I don’t feel I have the right to knock the authors.    I am not an author, just a   single mom, who loves to read, erotic and contemporary romances and who’s only child is away at college.   My inner vixen will come out on this site and she is  naughty, mostly nice, sarcastic,can be funny and probably has more time on my hands than sense.  I have some awesome friends who will jump in and review and comment on this site also.

I LOVE reading and since I bought my Kindle, I have gone through at least a book a day.  When I first got my kindle I re discovered erotic romances.  I had dipped my toes in erotic romances a couple months before I bought my kindle when I came across Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh at Half Price Books.  I was shocked, even felt dirty after reading it, because I had NEVER read a romance with menage, much less “GASP” anal sex.   I finished the book, liked the story but felt dirty because of the menage and anal sex element…..well my kindle cured me of my puritan ways…I have now discovered a whole new world in erotic romances.  I will say it LOUD AND PROUD – Lorelei James is my absolute favorite author of all, yes I am a fan girl…but I am fair with my ratings and comments of her books…

Check in often…well give me a few days to get started…hopefully you will enjoy WTFbookreviews and all our shenanigans =)

Naughty D

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6 thoughts on “Why I am starting WTF Book Reviews

  1. Hi Fiona, once we get everything up, running and organized we will ask for guest reviews or see who else would like to review. This is all so new to me and it’s taken off quicker than I expected 🙂

    Naughty D

  2. As an author who was the victim of a “review site” (they lied about the content of the book), THANK YOU. I can take a critical review. But what I HATE as both a reader and an author is when a review site slams a book/author with personal attacks.

    If a reviewer doesn’t like my plot, my writing, my characters, fine, say that. I have no problem with that. Don’t lie about what’s in the book, or make personal attacks about it because of some agenda. (And then sic blog minions on me when I dare to show where they were wrong about the book’s content LOL.) Yes, that’s what happened to me AND to many other writers on the other site. What’s sadder? I had both writers and readers writing me privately that they were AFRAID to defend me publicly for fear of the site going after them, too. That’s not a review site, that’s a bunch of mean high school girls running a popularity club. Ugh.

    So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for wanting to put out honest and polite reviews. I’ll be passing the word about your site. Good luck with it, because we need more sites like yours. I’m so sick of snarky review sites where the reviewers are apparently frustrated writers and are trying to gain points with their blog peeps with how many one-liner slams they deliver on a piece.

  3. Thank you Tymber!!! Our intent is to promote authors, not tear their work down. If I read a book I don’t care for I’m not going to rip apart someone’s blood, sweat and tears because I didn’t like it. For one thing, I don’t have the balls or skill to attempt to write. I’ve become friends with an author and see what it takes for her to get a book out. It seems like some of the reviewers think writing is easy. I know being an author isn’t just working from your laptop, eating bonbons, with rainbows and unicorns frolicking all day…Secondly, I have found sometimes my mood affects the way I feel about a book. I read a book and didn’t like it, all my online book club friends praised it, I couldn’t figure why I didn’t like it, so I read it again and loved it!

    The challenge we have is making sure we do not cause any backlash on a book or author by discussing a shitty review/reviewer…Becky C, one of my partners in crime, took on a extremely nasty review on amazon, a couple of us supported her and got blasted as mindless fangirls.

    We are working on our plan of attack now =)

    Thank you for your kind words and support!!!

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