DiDi’s Review – The Wreck by Marie Force

WOW, what a pleasant surprise!!! This book popped up as a post from Marie Force’s facebook that it was on sale for $2.99, for that price I expected it to be a novella, I was happy to see it’ a full book. This is a suspense/romance. 

The Wreck:
Carly Holbrook and Brian Westbury are weeks away from their high school graduation. The young couple plans to marry before they head to college, and their future seems bright with promise. Everything changes one spring night when their six closest friends, including Brian’s younger brother, are killed in a fiery car accident that Carly and Brian witness. The trauma leaves Carly unable to speak, and Brian is forced to make unimaginable decisions about a future that once seemed so certain. With Carly incapable of going forward with their plans, Brian leaves home-and Carly-for good. Fifteen years later, disturbing new clues indicate the accident that wrecked so many lives wasn’t an accident at all, bringing Brian home to face a past—and a love—he’s never forgotten.

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DiDi’s Thoughts:
I LOVED IT!!!! The Wreck is a KEEPER!!! I was so excited to finally find a book that was so good I couldn’t put it down. I read this after I read Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James,  which was so incredible, none of the 6 books I tried to read since held my interest, UNTIL I came across The Wreck. I immediately went to amazon, bought The Wreck for my kindle and started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It was 3:15 am when I finished. 

From the beginning scene in Toby’s basement, to the very end, I was drawn into Carly and Brian’s emotions and the emotions of their families, this book was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. I was also able to clearly see New England as described in the book. This is definitely a KEEPER!!! This is the second book I have read by Marie Force, but it definitely won’t be the last!!! 

Note: to my friends that love erotic stories, I wouldn’t say this is erotic, but it does have some pretty good scenes.

DiDi gives The Wreck

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  1. Read this a few months back and enjoyed it. Have a few of her books on my kindle that I need to read

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