Can you come on command????

Cherise Sinclair

KurvyK will be sharing thoughts on Cherise Sinclair’s Club Shadowlands tomorrow. BTW CS is one of my top favorites, I’m quite addicted to all the Masters.

Now that KurvyK is addicted to Club Shadowlands, she has asked…”Can you REALLY make yourself come on command?”  I told her I have NO IDEA because I’m fairly new too…..anyone have any clue?

Naughty D gives Club Shadowlands series
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16 thoughts on “Can you come on command????

  1. If you’re worked up enough & close enough to coming anyway, and you’ve been holding it off then I could definitely see it being possible. I know it’s easier after the first orgasm, the next ones come a little easier.

  2. Well it would be nice! I’m intrigued to read some responses on this- something I haven’t ever heard of since this is all new to me too. I haven’t read these books yet but I am certainly going to start! 😉

  3. Lizzy, Thanks for stopping by. Club Shadowlands is a GREAT series to read anytime, but especially if you haven’t read BDSM before, it gives insight. I LOVE all of Cherise Sinclair’s books.

  4. i cum at the command of my hand 🙂 That is why I like reading this genre of books.. Is it something I am going to experience in real like – probally not.. But for the length of the book (and imagining the length of the dick) I get to imagine it…

  5. Cherise is my all-time favorite, too–and my first. *blush*

    In the BDSM lifestyle, there is such a thing as Orgasm Control. It’s all part of the power exchange–and what greater power is there than to be able to withhold or give a subbie an orgasm at the Dom’s command? *shivers*

    This is a great idea for a review site! I’m following and looking forward to coming back again and again. With permission, of course.

    If you’d like to be part of a new secret group on FB to discuss BDSM erotic romances, please send me a friend request (Kallypso Masters) and a message telling me of your interest. I’ll be starting the group on July 17. Lots of authors and readers there! (More than one hundred members already signed up!)

  6. Thanks for the info Kallypso. It is something imagining that one can actually be trained to hold an orgasm. Very interesting. Now to find a Dom who will train me to control my eating habits and my Os sighhhh I sent my friend request to you a few minutes ago.

  7. That would be a cool trick. Learning to control the big “O”, so that you can have an out of this world one would rock. Now if someone could teach me to control my urge to pee when I’m asleep then I would bow down in worship to you. I love reading these books!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have tears, real tears and a stomach ache and still trying to breathe after reading Cindy’s comment!!! Holy freaking hell that hit my hilarious bone.
    Well, i guess my answer to your question would be a yes if I am in control. Not sure if I could hold back if someone else were controlling the shots but will have to experiment with it.

  9. Don’t know, but would like to find out:) Either way, you can’t lose. If you hold off until his command, you are rewarded. If you don’t hold off, you might get punished with a spanking-oh my.

  10. Wow…good question. I think that you could train yourself to hold off until told, but it would take alot of discipline especially if you were reallllly in to it!! It might be fun to learn though….lol

  11. I’ve only experienced this once, and it wasn’t a matter of training. Was having gloriously hot, steamy sex with my FWB. He could tell I was getting close. He says, “You can’t come yet. You haven’t earned it.” I had such a WTF moment, that it slowed down my urge to come. BUT… just those words, whispered in that deep, husky voice. Oh hell! When he finally told me to come, I swear I saw fireworks! He hasn’t done that again since, but… Sigh!

  12. Orgasm training can be done. A person can be trained to come on command. Depending on the person, it takes time. It oddly enough, similar to training a child to pee on command. My parents trained me as a little child to pee on command by whistling a certain tune. To this day, 35 years later, it still works on me. I have to try hard to override the urge when I hear it!

    There are detailed instructions on how to train a woman to cum on command on fetlife. There is a guy who is into this and trains females to cum on command. I’m thinking it also depends on the woman. Specifically because some women cum easier than others and I figure they would be easier to train on command. If I were single… I’d be experimenting and training. ^_^

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